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    Default Wedding Dress Color - White or Ivory????

    Hey Ladies - After looking at so many great photo albums that people posted, do most people have White colored dresses? Or is the coloring down there so vibrant that Ivory looks White? I ordered an Ivory dress b/c I am fair skinned and White washed me out too much. I just want to know what color other brides ordered and if they had Ivory, did it look "dirty" on pictures???? Thanks!!!!

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    Hey there,

    When I first starting seeing photos of different weddings, I was wondering the same thing. I had decided that I was going to buy a white dress, but then I saw my dress and had to have it. My dress is ivory, but it looks white when it's not next to something super white. The ivory looked better with my skin tone as well.

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    Ambest - congrats on your wedding! It really is a matter of choice.

    We renewed our vows in January 2008. I wore a white dress, my husband wore white linen pants with a beautiful blue shirt.

    I think if you take what he's going to wear in consideration, the pictures will be great! AND - it will be your wedding... you'll be so happy that in the end that's all that will matter.

    Please post a pic when you return!

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    I actually chose a diamond white looked better on my skin. Wear what you are going to be comfortable in. My husband had on a white tux, and you can tell in pictures that his was more white than mine, but it did not look dirty at all. [IMG][/IMG]

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    IVORY! Maybe it's just me but I love Ivory with tan or sun-toned skin and since you're getting married in Jamaica I think it would look beautiful!

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    ddeitterick~ which resort did you go to?? I love your pictures with that island in the background. Beautiful!!!

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    I am getting married at CSA on Sept 30th. Originally I was going to get an ivory dress but I really wanted my fiance to wear white pants so I decided on a white dress and love it. I just got to pick it up last week and it is so beautiful. I think either color will be absolutely perfect but make sure he is dressed according to your wedding dress color.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JennyBenny View Post
    ddeitterick~ which resort did you go to?? I love your pictures with that island in the background. Beautiful!!!
    We were at CTI. I highly recommend it! It was absolutely wonderful... =)

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