Tomorrow (Monday 6/20) marks the 60 day count for my return to CSA. I was there in August 2009 and never thought I'd get back so soon. I can't believe 60 days to paradise! I'm so excited!!

No wait.

As of Wednesday I will be cancelling the August vacation But it's for a good reason. I've been with my love for 16 years this past March. In March of 2010 I finally got "the" ring. Today we made it official - we will be getting married at CSA in March 2012!!! In order to give us time to prepare, get all the necessary paperwork filed, find the right "outfits" (lol, never really thought of a wedding dress as an outfit before!), and because I'm a giant nerd who figures March is a good luck charm so we might as well keep with the theme we will wait until March. In fact, I plan on choosing the date we first started dating which is 3 days away from the date he proposed

I'm totally bummed about missing Jamaica and CSA this year but I can't think of a better reason to postpone this trip! In reality, if we could afford it we'd go this year and next year but home responsibilities say it would be better to put all our funds into one trip. We'll find something else to do this year - even though our hearts will be at CSA!

Now I'm even more excited for my return to CSA! Let the planning begin...