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    Anybody know if there is parasailing at or nearby Couples Negril???

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    When I was there a few days ago, there were a couple of beach vendors selling that and jet ski rides. I didn't do it personally, but others from our resort did.

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    Yes, the boat says Sky Time on the side. There is also a smaller boat that says Parasailing on the side that takes you to that boat I believe. This was just last week.

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    Does anyone know what the average cost of parasailing or jet skiing is near CN? That sounds like a fun idea! We just want to make sure we are bringing enough spending money!

    173 more days!!!!!

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    A few years ago we actually did a tandem parasail. We had to go over to the other beach by CSA, but were taken there by boat. Not sure if they are still there, but tandem was great!

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    Yes there is parasailing, its not through the resort, there is a vendor that walks the beach asking if you want to parasail or the boat will pull close to the swim area and you can talk to them. A word of advise...only talk to one or the other about the price. I got one price from the guy on the beach and another from the boat captain. It is fun and the view is great!

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    We go to Captain Quality every year at CSA for parasailing. Not sure if he goes to Couples Negril but I THINK he does. You will see him.. .always in a yellow hat and shirt strolling the beach. It is amazing and WORTH THE MONEY!!!!

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    What was the cost of tandem parasiling? And did you negotiate it - or was it pretty much set?

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    Default parasailing

    Thanks ya'll, we are interested in tandem. Any idea of the cost?

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    The cost was $60 per person.. but we negoiate him down to $50, we go tandum (if you mean both going up at the same time). I'm pretty sure the cost is the same whether you go up together or separate.

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    A few years ago we went with another coupe and negotiated a rate of $80.00 per couple for tandem rides. They picked us up right on the beach at CN. It was a great experience. I think the boat drivers were expecting tips but we didn't bring any extra cash, so keep that in mind.

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    It is $50-$60 per person... it depends on how good of a negotiator you are! lol

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