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    Default Take PADI Open Water certification dives at Couples Tower Isle?

    My wife is going to be taking her PADI dive classes soon, and I was wondering if she could take her open water certification dives while we are in Jamaica. We are only going to be at CTI for 3 full days (I'm not counting our arrival day, or the day we become pariahs waiting for the shuttle to the airport,) so if taking the open water dives will eat too much into our "us" time, we'll take them here.

    It's been a *long* time since I obtained my certifications (PADI Advanced Open) so I'm going to be taking a refresher course at the same time. If I recall, the open water certification is only a day, 4-5 dives, I think?

    Anyone care to refresh my memory?

    Jason A.
    CTI in: 133d 18hr 27min 35sec

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    If your going to be there for 3 days it may take up too much "us" time. Three of us did ours while we were at CN for a week just last week. Now we did our book work and dives in three days. Remeber you can not dive and fly within certain times close to each other. I guess you'll have to extend your vacation!

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    You can dive the day after you arrive, but you can't dive 24 hours before your flight home.

    There are only 2 dives/day except on Saturday when it is 1-2 tank dive. The 'lesson' dives are in the morning so she would only be able to get 3 dives in. I would suggest finishing her classes and dives at home. Then you both will be able to dive together 2x per day.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    That's definitely too much for only 3 diving days IMO.

    I'm not sure how it is at CTI but at CSA there were 2 dives a day- one deep and one shallow, and I don't think your wife would qualify for the deep dive right away. Therefore I don't think it would be possible to complete the 5 dives needed in 3 days.

    I agree with extending your vacation!

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    Hey Warren-cple.

    I got certified in Mexico in 2009, afterward my wife decided to do the same on our Couples vacation this past May. Like your wife she took her courses at home and only needed to do the referral course while on vacation. My own experience in Mexico was that it took two full days of diving, one dive each morning and one each afternoon to complete the 4 dives required by PADI.

    Once at Couples we spoke with the dive staff and arranged for my wife to do her referral course the following day. She had to sit in on the morning resort course (so the instructor could satisfy himself she knew her basic skills) and immediately after the boat came back to the resort with the morning certified divers she and the resort divers loaded up and went out.

    She completed all her skills, except navigation, and three dives (she had to swap tanks and be on the surface more than 5 minutes for the dives to count as separate dives) on the first day. Remember they are only at about 30 feet for the resort course divers so going up and down without a decomp stop is OK. On the Saturday my wife came out with the certified divers on the two tank dive and once at the bottom completed her navigation component before enjoying the rest of the dive.

    All in all, if I had to do it again I would do it at Couples. Her instructors were excellent, had lots of patience and were very low pressure. Their goal seemed to be to make her experience the best it could be and as enjoyable as possible. They were willing to do everything in two days and the second day she was able to dive with me!

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    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. As of now, we're going to get her Open Water here at home, sometime over the summer.

    I'm thinking while we're at CTI, we'll go diving one of the days, probably the Wednesday (to avoid the 18hr dive-to-fly rule) and spend the rest of the time loafing on the beach or seeing some of the sights...

    Thanks again,

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