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    Default couple swept away virgins

    Hello everyone
    This will be the 1st time the bride and I will be out of the states.. so any input on ideas or things that need to be done before we leave or when we get.there would be great... Does everything that we would want to do able to be booked when we get there.. I know the bride wants too swim with the dolphins..thanks for all your help in advance.. and just bear with me seems I am all new to this stuff.. thanks again..

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    There are dozens of threads that will answer all these questions and give you more information about CSA than you can absorb. Search the message board and you will be rewarded.
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    Call your credit card company and tell them the dates of your trip. If you don't, there's a good chance the charges will be refused when you try to use it.
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    Do you have your passports all setup and in hand?

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    My favorites we did in negril were cat cruise and swimming in the caves,parasailaing and riding horses in the water of course chilling at the beach bar!

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    Im not trying to dicourage you but just preparing you for sticker shock. Dolphin cove was something like $300 to swim with dolphins. Ive always wanted to do that and plan to someday. If youd like a few pics of our favorite place, email me at
    Have a great trip!

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    Thanks for your input..passports should be here soon.. we are going to be at couples DEC. 5th threw the 10th.. so I guess we have a little time but just wanted to get your guys input. I have read a lot on the message board and it is nice to read threw to get a lot of advice and read about everyone experience.. how long if the taxi ride to ricks from CSA?? Is it worth going to see once?? I know it depends on how many excursions we go on but I was thinking on bringing $700 cash just to be safe.. and when u check out I have been to a few place that only take credit card and no cash.. can we pay with cash at the end or our stay when we check out?? Thanks again.

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    Thanks for ever ones input. Our passports should be hear soon. We r leaving on Dec.5th n returning on Dec. 10th. So I guess I have some time.. we will be chilling at the beach bar a lot of the time.. is there a boat or something to take to go swim in the caves?? My bride is stoked about swimming with the dolphins so I guess I will have to take extra for that.. I am also a guy that uses tobacco (chew) I am a very clean chewer I don't spit every were like some.. was just wondering what the rules were about the.. thanks again in advance..

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    Be sure to have some $1's handy to tip the baggage guys at the airport, and remember to tip the bus driver!

    Be sure to allow sand gravity to do its thing….


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    Yes you can settle up with cash at the end but they'll still need a CC for room charges. Ricks is about 15-20 minutes by taxi and about $15 Pp for cab fare. The excursion desk ladies can set that up for you. We usually go for a couple hours and catch a sunset. We'll have a couple of beers too but won't eat there. You'll want to bring small bills otherwise you'll get Jamaican money back. You should go there at least once IMO.

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    Thanks again everyone.
    I am a very good tipper when going to restaurants and bars.. I heard they could loose there job if they take a tip is that true?? I have read also a lot about bringing school supplies down with us for there kids.. how do u know if they without asking or do they just bring it up? (The house keeping staff) I am more then willing to give something or tip if it is allowed.. I do enjoy talking to people so I am sure I will find out about a few people and there families. Thanks again can't wait to load the plain..

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    dip is expensive there. bring plenty.
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    pro800RMK do I know you?

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    No I don't think so.. I am from south Dakota..

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