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    Default oops forgot to ask!

    For our 25th anniversary next April we are renewing our vows at CSA. Can anyone offer advice as to what time of day would be best? My husband says 10am when its not so windy(according to posts we have read), but I thought it would be nice at 4pm and then have a private meal on the beach.

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    you cant go wrong with the sunset ceremony....
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    my husband and i were married on the beach in jamaica. originally we had a 4pm wedding scheduled so we could follow it up with a nice dinner while we were all dressed up. we had to move the wedding up to the morning due to weather. at first i was really upset but then when i saw the beach in the afternoon i was happy we did it first thing in the morning. the sand looked prettier (less traveled) and there were less people sitting around and in the background of our pictures.

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    We got married at 10am and we were blessed with gorgeous weather. Beautiful blue sky and water. It was still warm and we did have a nice breeze. I wouldn't have changed a thing. They say there is more of a chance of showers in the pm. We then got into our suits (after pics) and we had the whole day to celebrate. Getting married at CSA was the best decision and I'm sure your vow renewal will be awesome!

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    congrats, my wife and i renewed our vows at swept away a couple of years ago on the beach, i believe it was our 32 anniversary, the wedding staff did a super job, we hired the mento band and they played a little over an hour, more of a personal touch instead of a boom box, we chose early morning, i think it was 10 o r 11, just because after lunch i t usually clouds up and the of course the chance of rain, but what ever you decide it really is a special time, one love

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    Thanks everyone, your answers have been very useful

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    Congrats! We had our vow renewal in April of this year, although opted for the gazebo. Weather was perfect and just starting to get warm after the ceremony and pictures. Perfect time to get into your suits enjoy your day and then go to dinner!

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    I would suggest the morning...that is when the water appears to be the most blue in pictures and everything. Mid afternoon will be HOT. Sunset would be pretty too!

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