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    Default flying out wed - what not to miss at csa

    we are flying out of tampa on wednesday to csa. we land in mobay at like 10:30 so i am hoping that we get to CSA by very early afternoon. we went to cti 4 years ago for our honeymoon

    what activites, food, etc should we NOT MISS at csa? we plan on doing the cat cruise, glass bottom boat, snokeling, night snorkeling. i want to go shopping. i want a wood carving and maybe a painting or jewlery. we are going to walk to margaritaville to get a shot glass and walk right back.

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    Your forgot one thing... "to relax"! Dont forget to do that! Have a great trip!

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    make sure you say hi to nutsy at water sports and check out ray bell the t shirt guy on the beach, he does hand painted t shirts and small paintings, have fun one love

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    water sports booth has tons to do
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    Eat, Drink, and be Merry for tomorrow you may die.

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    banana stuffed french toast........

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    Don't miss the hat making class by the pool! Not only do you learn to weave your own hat out of palm fronds, but you get a really cool hat to bring home!!

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    Catamaran Cruise, Go up to the piano bar one evening for "name that tune", Fish tacos at seagrapes, Mahi-Mahi at Patois, Mudslides at the beach bar

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