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    Default Question about wine/champagne?

    My fiance and I have our wedding-moon booked at CSA for next May. I was wondering about whether you are allowed to get a whole (uncorked) bottle of wine from a bar or if you can only get a glass at a time? I was wondering for maybe a late night walk on the beach, sitting on the sand in the moonlight with a bottle of wine or champagne and two glasses.... Having to walk back to a bar for a refill kills the romance. lol

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    I'm not sure if the bar would give you a full bottle - I did not ask. However, you can order as many bottles as you want in your room (on the mini-fridge ordering form).


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    If they will not allow it under the AI you can always purchase it.

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    There is no problem requesting full bottles of wine for your mini bar.... I recall requesting a few during our stay!

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    You could also purchase a bottle at the Duty Free Shop on your way to Jamaica.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffin View Post
    If they will not allow it under the AI you can always purchase it.
    I generally have a policy of not paying for what I get for free. lol

    Ah...I forgot about wine with the minibar!

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    I don't know about CSA, but when we stay at CN or CSS - we have a bottle of champagne delivered to our room every night!! We have it while we are getting ready to go to dinner.

    We've gotten really spoiled by this - I need someone to bring me my bottle of champagne at home.....

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    my wife aways brings about six bottles of her favorite wine with us in the luggage. Then you have it to take to dinner or for that late night walk etc...
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    Last time we were there (2009) a large wedding party obtained about 2-3 bottles from the bar (during the day) so I don't see this being a problem unless they've changed the rules.

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    You can order bottles of red and white wine for your room minibar, no problem. I have heard people say previously on this MB that they have asked for and gotten bottles of champagne from the bartenders. However, we have never asked for a full bottle of champagne to take with us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stacie & Chris View Post
    I generally have a policy of not paying for what I get for free. lol

    Yes I agree 100%....but under the scenario I presented you would not have been getting it for FREE. Unless you were getting it by the glass.......

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    Thanks everyone!!

    I LIKE the idea of having a bottle of champagne delivered to the room every evening!

    I had totally forgotten that you can get bottle of wine in the mini-bar. I've never been to couples and I'm used to mini bars having mini bottles of liquor and know, those tiny one-glass screw top bottles of wine. I'm also glad to hear that others have seen people getting bottles of wind from the bar.

    Chris and I and put away some Buying bottles is not an option, unless it's an upgraded bottle for our wedding night.

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    I'm not sure that they normally do it (like they don't normally have red stripe in the mini bars) howver if you ask you ususlly get. I find that asking gets you what you would like - demanding doesn't!

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    Please remember that there's really not any room service at CSA with the exception of morning continental breakfast. If you're interested in having a bottle of bubbly for the evening, your best bet might be going to the Palms or Patois bars that evening in order to make sure you get a chilled bottle. Typically the beach bars don't have a ton of champagne as it's not typically requested during the day.

    I know from experience that anything the CSA staff can do to enhance the romance, they'll definitely try to do!!

    Have fun!!!!

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    ooooh, I LOVE the idea of trying to get a bottle of champagne in your room while getting ready for dinner! We are going to CSA in a mere 11 days now... I'm definitely going to ask nicely for that!

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    During our stay at CSS in early May, we requested on our mini bar fulfillment card red and white wine and we received it but not in bottles, in two glass carafes. Maybe diffferent at CSA...

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