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    Default 1 Week Coundown to Couples!!!


    My girlfriend and I are so looking forward to our first visit to Couples Negril. This board had been a great source of information and has kept us thinking about our trip to the point of distraction. In fact it has been so bad that Paul has had to go to the beach for a week to train (for all the sun and drinking). I think she will be ready but I have to figure out how to work. Guess I will have to keep a steady diet of rum and red stripes to keep my cool.

    We will be there June 25-July 2. Leaving out of Atlanta on a direct flight so should be a quick flight down Saturday.

    See you all there

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    Congratulations! Still in the 60s myself. Enjoy your stay, it's heaven on earth!

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    We are getting there on the 25!! cant wait. We are getting married on the 29th see you there =) can't wait!

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    Paula and I are looking forward to meeting you both there and congratulations

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    We arrive on the 25th, can't wait!!!!!

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