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    Default "The Great Message Board" and it's Prophet...Randymon

    All hail the great message board....we must and most of us omage to it daily and usually several times a day.The message board is great and all knowing!!! The message board tells me how to make a "Dirty Bannana" the message board tells me how to keep "sand fleas" off of me, it tells if I need "bendy straws" or which building is best if I don't like "road noise" in Negril it lets me know how to pack cat food in my luggage ,The message board is so great it answers my "first timers" or "Newbie" questions no matter how many HUNDREDS of times my question's been ask before!!! The Message board is patient and long suffering. It lets me know if I can buy "Red Stripe" beer hats at Walmart. The Message board keeps me in touch with friends I've met in other lands, it tells me how to get through "customs" or if I need to bring my own thermos mug for a drink and where I can and can not be Naked!
    The message board is wise, I'm sure "The Board" has helped you in your daily life, so if you too are a believer please offer up your testimony or praise of the board.
    And don't forget "The Board's" one and only one true prophet "Randymon" how many times has this great prophet reached out to a greedy spoiled non-believer over "Reward Points" that they feel they been cheated out of, and with words of warmth and wisdom brought them back into the "Couples Family"
    So church..testify if you too love "The Board"...!!!

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    I totally agree with the above post! And THANK YOU Couples moderators for all you do.

    Now if it would just be moderated a little more frequently. Not getting updates all weekend really hurts my "FIX". The boards used to update a lot more frequently and led to a lot less repeated questions. I do realize that the employees that do the moderation of this board have other work for Couples that they must do first and this comes second. But I believe that this board really helps to sell the resort as one of the best in the world. It is a huge selling tool and I think it needs a little more attention. It is one of the main things that we mention when telling others about Couples. We tell them about the resort and all of the different locations, features, inclusions, etc and then tell them to check out this board. We tell them to read and ask questions and they will soon see why this is the only resort to choose for their next vacation. If this board would at least get updated twice a day I really think things would move a lot smoother. Just an opinion from a long time repeat guest and a long time member of these boards.
    Jeff (Mandynjeff)

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    Jah bless! I find the closer a trip gets the more I am on here...wishing there was a "like" button for some of these comments (darn facebook addictions!)! Like the post, love Jamaica, thank you Randymon and all behind the scenes moderators for providing us a safe place to get our fix.

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    Hire me! Teacher off work for summer, weekends free, and west coast time zone will help moderate for resort night credit!!!!
    Can't wait to return to CTI in 3 days!!

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