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    Default CSS room question- suites

    What's the difference between the One Bedroom Ocean Suite and the One Bedroom Beachfront Suite?

    Is the Beachfront just in a better location (& has the possibility of a first floor room, thus walking out to the beach)?

    Is the balcony the same on both, with the table and chairs and a 2 person lounger?

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    The one bedroom beachfront suites are all in A and B blocks. They all have relatively small balconies, with just enough room for a small table and 2 chairs. The view is nice, but just like the view of a good room at any other nice resort. However, some of the one bedroom ocean suites, the ones in G block, will give you a huge balcony with a large table, 4 chairs, and either 2 padded lounge chairs, or a double padded lounge chair, and still lots of room left over. AND, the views from up in the cliffs are stunning!! We have stayed in both, and will always book a one bedroom ocean suite from now on.

    The beachfront rooms are back from the beach quite a bit, with the main lawn between the rooms and the ocean.

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    Aren't the beach front suites sometimes almost double the the size and have a jacuzzi though? It list the Beachfront suites at 805 squarefeet and the oceanview ones from 580-720.

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    The beachfront rooms have a big jacuzzi in the bathroom, many less steps to climb, and is a little more centrally located since you are closest to both beaches, 2 out of 4 pools, 2 hot tubs, 2 bars and 3 out of 4 restaurants. But you are also directly in front of the beach party and starlight gala so if you go to bed before 10:30 it may be too noisy. We loved our view but we were on the top (3rd) floor - it showed the pool, pool bar and beach. I have seen pics from the ocean suites and they are amazing. It just depends what you prefer.

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    The beachfront suites also have jacuzzi bathtubs in them. Personally I prefer the cliffs as them seem more private to me than the beachfront suites.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    CSS is an older resort. The 1-bed beachfront suites are the newest blocks according to what a staff member told me
    and I saw a room in the block by the lobby and it looked quite a bit older. Less walking and stairs involved in A and B block.

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    Thanks, the ocean suite looks amazing!

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    I was lucky enough to have stayed in both. Yes, the location of the beachfront suite was convenientbut we were on the ground floor and people were walking by all day. The bathroom was huge thought. Imo the ocean suite was larger although in our particular room the bathroom was tiny. Not a big deal to us, but may be to others. We were close to the balloon bar, making the walk home shorter at the end of a fun night. The view was amazing, the ocean and the mineral pool were right below us! Our verandah was huge with a double lounger where I fell asleep a few nights. Breakfast out there was great! It was also nice having the stairs and a million different paths to take. It was an adventure everytime we left our room to find a great path with exciting new things to see! Although both were great, if you don't have a problem with stairs go for the ocean suite!

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