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    Default Golf at Tower Isle questions

    First time at any all-inclusive, going for our 15th anniv in July. My husband wants to bring his clubs. Can anyone tell me....does he have to get both ( a cart and a caddy) or can he get just a caddy? And how much is it? Is it nice? Worth it? He is still not 100% sure if he should bother at all....if its nice and relatively hassle free and not too expensive.....he will.

    Appreciate any feedback....
    Thank you

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    1) You only need a caddy. If you want a cart, you still need a caddy.

    2) Depending on how many times you wants to play, it may be cheaper to rent club then pay the airline charges. I think club cost is $45.00 Flying with clubs is a big pain.

    3) Golf is free, you just need to pay for the caddy. A Caddy costs 17.oo at the proshop. I give the caddy a 20.00 tip. Credit card for the proshop, cash for the caddy.

    4) It is a nice course, not a like a high end Country Club in the US, but above most public courses.

    5) He needs to play Jamaica, just to say he did. I have played all over the world when I find a course.
    Irie Mon

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    I figured it out to be about $75 to $80 for the golf. Yes its free, but with the caddy, cart, drinks (you and your caddy) it comes out to about that. If he does rent tell him to bring balls, tees and a glove as he will need to buy these at the clubhouse if he doesn't take them. That will also add to the cost. As much as I like to play, I can't see using up a day or two for golf when I only have a week long stay. (I think that's the normal stay) There is always golf back home.
    Just my view, hope it helps. Don

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    Thank you so much...VERY helpful!! He will likely go every morning early to play a 9. So you just hop on a shuttle? Do you need to reserve the shuttle and tee time in advance? (I would imagine you do)

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