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    Default Stayed at CSA 06/04 thru 06/12

    My wife and I tayed at CSA in a BFVS , 8 nights .. Just got home this past Sunday nite... We loved it so much we are booked again... Just booked 8 nights BFVS for Next May.... We fell in love with the resort and the staff.. We are hooked... We love CSA .... Thanks Couples for a wonderful 11 th. Anniversary..

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    AWESOME!!!!! Happy Anniversay! Welcome to the family! lol There is no doubt it is worth every penny. We work hard so we can have that trip to CSA every year. That makes comeing to work so much easier!

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    Awesome you had a wonderful vacation. Welcome to the repeaters club
    Randi & Sherri
    18x CSA repeaters
    1x CN

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    Thank you Yookster and Randi&sherri,,, We are excited to be in the repeaters club... CSA exceeded all of our expectations... It was of 1 st. trip outside the US and our first All Inclusive...We loved every minute we were there... The staff is so kind and genuine... If you give kindness and love they give it back 10 fold.... We love you CSA...See you in May...

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    Yay! That is exactly what happened to us. We immediately booked right after staying there for the first time. CSA truly is magical and I don't even think of going anywhere else for a romantic, tropical vacation.

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    We were there the same time. We had such a great time. We are going to try Hawaii next, but Couples Swept Away sure made great memories for us. Thanks to all the staff, who made sure we were OK all the time. We would always get asked if we were OK?? Love it!! It was an anniversary I will never forget. The best weather ever!! Missed my kids, but worth the time and money. Couples Swept Away will not dissappoint, if anyone is considering this resort.

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    Gald you had a great trip and wow already booked again? Love it!!

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