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    I know this was on the old MB but can someone give me the info for the best sunscreen? One was mentioned and I think it was called Total Block? Just need something with the highest SPF for a friend that is coming with us.
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    Neutrogenea's Helioplex lotion was rated tops by Consumer Reports magazine. It comes in SPF's up to 85.
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    I am a redhead with freckles. I do tan on a regular basis. We went to couples in July. I used generic sunscreen 50 because I did not want to get burned & ruin my vacation. On the third day I switched to 30. I got just the right amount of sun, no burn.

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    SPF 30 is pretty ideal. It offers 97% more protection to your skin than it would have on it's own. SPF's from 45-70 can only provide 1.6% more protection to the skin.
    Anything past 30 is just marketing hype as the sunscreen itself does not last long enough for you to benefit from the added protection....especially if you swim or are active.

    The FDA is trying to "cap" the sun protection factor at 30, because it's misleading to people. People have a false sense of security, stay in the sun for too long, or don't reapply. I've read that people using such a high spf are often at a higher risk for sun damage, because they think they're protected more than they are.

    If you feel you are extremely sensitive...research using a physical mineral block sunscreen.

    You will be fine with any SPF 30 that blocks both UVA and UVB. All sunsceens block UVB, but typically only the better brands also protect against UVA

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    Very interesting snib_rock. But I agree 100%!! My niece used something crazy like 70 on her daughter, while I used 30 on my daughter, Her daughter ended up burning while mine didn't. She didn't reapply like I did either because she felt like the 70 lasted longer.

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    my wife has always told me that the skin only absorbs 30 spf. the extra stays on top. we use a product that we apply firzt thing in the morning, go for a walk, eat breakfast, then hitthe beach all day and never have to reapply. doesnt matter how many times we go in the water. its great stuff. our redheaded fair skinned son in law uses it also and never burns when in jamaica.she has told lots of our friends that we have met at cn where to get it. i dont know myself, just let her take care of it. if you would like to know, email her at and she can tell you what and how to get it.
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    I like avon skin so soft... also has light bug repellent in it....

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