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    Default Anniversary Gift Ideas???? HELP!!!!!

    My wife and I were married at CSA in October of 2009. We have every intention of returning to Jamaica every 5 years and celebrating our anniversary with our "other family". We are currently in the process of buying a lake house and I had an idea that I was hoping someone could help me out wtih....

    For our anniversary I would love to give her something reminding us of our AMAZING wedding and the time we spent in Jamaica. i was hoping for something as a decoration...possibly a painting/drawing of entwined palms for the wall? We are making the lake house very "beach" oriented and want it to have the relaxing vibe of the rooms and the resort at CSA.

    Does anyone have any ideas or any input? Thank you in advance for any ideas that you may have!
    Adam & Abby
    CSA October 23rd, 2009

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    I have heard there is an artist at the Negril resorts that does beautiful work. Maybe you can contact someone at the resort to speak with him and commission him to do an original piece of art.

    I am sure you could hook up with someone here on the boards to pick it up and either hand deliver it to you or ship it to you from the US. Shipping from JA, IMO, would be risky.

    I would do it for you but we are going to CTI in August so will not be close to Negril.

    Best of luck!


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    I'm hoping to get a nice entwined palm wood carving this year for our 17th anniv. I got a small seahorse at CSS last year & put together a little area in our bedroom as a reminder of Jamaica...complete w/ booze & dried flowers in a special clear heart container that we received last year

    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
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