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    Default Help me choose a resort OTHER than CSA!

    Went to CSA in 2010- definitely the perfect resort for us. What we liked:
    -the HUGE fitness centre (DH liked all the options, I liked the fitness classes)
    -scuba diving
    -our room (beachfront verandah- loved being so close to the ocean. I spent hours reading on the deck in the rocking chair. The fan and the shade were so nice after being in the sun for hours!)
    -I loved floating on the ocean or in the pool on the white foam floaties that were eveywhere
    -tons of food options
    -scuba diving
    -the beautiful beach and calm ocean (perfect to float on!)

    I'm looking at booking for a week in July and everything at CSA is sold out other than the Atrium and Garden Verandah rooms. We're not interested in either of these (I need an ocean view, and DH needs a TV!).

    Keeping in mind what we liked about CSA, which would be the next best resort?

    From the photos I can't tell if any of the other resorts have comfortable rocking chairs (I know I sound like I'm 80, but I'm really 27, and not sure what else to call them ) and floaties (except CN, I see them there).

    And if anyone feels like clarifying the ocean views at these resorts for me (some are "partial" and some sound exactly the same even though they're 2 different room categories), go right ahead!

    I don't think I'd want to do the secret rendezvous because I wouldn't be guaranteed an ocean view, correct?

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    Well, if you have to go somewhere different, why not try the other side of the island and go to CTI--no the beach isn't huge, you will have to stay in Negril for that, but it is quiet and peaceful. They offer fitness classes and a great power walk up the mountain and through some trails. You can do Dunn's River and all the same water sports are offered. The Ocean Rooms are right at the ocean and if you go in July, you can still get the horseback ride. The swim pool/bar is also at ocean's edge. The rooms all have TVs and for dining, they have the patio and continental room service, for lunch, the grill, veggie bar, & Patio, for dinner--Patio, 8 Rivers, Veranda and Bayside (which sits out over the water). Still can't decide, you are within the window to book a Secret Rendezvous and be surprised!

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    I can't speak for CN, but we did a CTI/CSS split in Jan. (and have been to CSA, which we loved, but had the worst room location of the 3 resorts - no view). While CTI has lots of great qualities, including rooms with amazing views and close to the water, I'd suggest CSS for what you are looking for. 1) You can get a room there with an amazing view, and large verandahs with assorted lounging furniture. The balconies are small at CTI. 2) The fitness centre overlooks the water, which is a much better location than at CTI. The area for classes is one of the best spots on the grounds and I seldom saw anyone there! Plus with the expansive grounds you can do plenty of walking, and/or running around the pond. 3) The beach at CSS is a bay, so it tends to be much calmer for floating than CTI which is more exposed to the wind. It's shallow too, with no waves. Yes, there's some sea grass, but on your floatie, who cares. Put a mask pn and see what you can find. I had a stingray right under my floatie. It's also great for kayaking. 4) We couldn't dive from CTI due to the weather, but the diving from CSS seems to hit the same sites and the dive team was great there. 5) The food was excellent at both, but I preferred the atmosphere of the more open dining options at CSS.

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    We have been to CSA twice, and CSS three times. While we had a great time at CSA, CSS has won our hearts. It's a beautiful resort, with amazing views of the ocean, and the resort just "oozes" romance! If you'd like, send us an e-mail to, and we'll send you lots of information (far more than we could put on the message board) and pictures of CSS. At Couples Sans Souci, you won't get the long beach to walk on, but you will get calm waters to float on, great food, rooms with the best ocean views to be found, and an absolutely wonderful staff.

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    CSA is by far our favorite resort. We love it, absolutely. That said, I would try CTI. We have been to CSS 2x, and CTI 1x, and CTI is the resort that REALLY spoke to us of those two. Since we were last there (2 years ago in October) I have been pining to get back. (In fact, I wish our last CSS trip, we had gone to CTI -- alas.) We loved that it was so different than CSA, and we loved the absolutely spectacular ocean view from our room. We loved the food, (Bayside rivals Lemongrass, IMHO.) And the staff is absolutely out of this world. Give it a go! I think you'll be pleasantly
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    CSA all the way !!!!

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    I do not have an answer for you but here is some information. CTI and CSS do not have rocking chairs on their balconies. I have not been to CSA but CSS and CTI do not have huge fitness centers although CTI has a larger one than CSS and CTI has a nice exercise class room with wood floors. Good luck!

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    I agree with "jamaicamecrazy". I loved the tranquility and sereneness of CSS. We were in Block G in the one bedroom suite overlooking the mineral pool by the spa. Talk about heaven! I too read my book out on the double lounger on the deck in the mornings since my husband is the sleepyhead and I am the early bird. With us being in G block, we did our fair share of walking which was a good thing since we also did our fair share of eating and drinking. Just some food for thought!

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    CN is like CSA but smaller.
    CN-July 2006
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    We have been to CTI, which I feel is very different from CSA. We liked it but we prefer CSA. My opinion is CN is the closest to CSA out of the 4 resorts. Plus you dont have the REALLY long drive from Montego Bay.

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    We did an sr and although csa or negril were our first choices we were pleasantly surprised with css. Well that is an understatement and we WILL return to css after trying one of the negril resorts almost every room with the exception of a handful have gorgeous ocean views and many have juge verandahs with a double lounger(my favorite spot) and table and chairs. The floaties were abundant and the hammocks hidden in nooks and crannies made you feel as thought the two of you were alone in the world.
    The dining options are limited. Room service all day. Buffet breakfast (yummmm) buffet or beach grill for luch or an if that's your thing. And three al a cartes for dinner. All restaurants offer open air dining although for cassanova the piano player indoors offered great entertainment! The gala was as expansive as any wedding I have ever been to and the food was plentiful and there was something for everyone and more! So I say go for it and try css or take a leap of faith and go for an sr it was worth every penn y we paid and had one of the best rooms in the house!

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    CSS for sure....closest thing out there to CSA. We have not been to CN but going this August. CTI is nice but a totally different vibe than CSA.

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    Can you elaborate on what you mean by the vibe is different at CSA vs CTI? We are looking at CTI for our honeymoon - but aren't too familiar with any of the resorts.

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    If you are beach person then CSA has the better beach and the pools are usually less crowded. At CTI the beach isnt as big as CSA and it seems the pools are more crowed. CTI's rooms are more hotel style, meaning a lot of room in a large building, where CSA has the "bungalow" type buildings with only a handful of rooms per building. It seems to be more spread out. I find it to be more "tropical island" feeling. So I guess it creates a different type of atmosphere. One isnt necessarily better than the other.. its really just what you are looking for.

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    CSS you'll love the gym and rooms with awesome ocean views! Room service is nice too. It's our fav Couples of the four.
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    CSA is the only resort with the huge workout facility. All resorts have workout facilities, CSA is just the largest and considered the best in the Caribbean.

    All of the resorts have the floaties. We have been to all four resorts and found the waters at CN to be the calmest for floating. We also felt that the water was warmer on the Negril side than the Ocho side.

    CSS is the only other resort with huge balconies and lounger chairs. The Suites at CN do have hammocks.

    The rooms at CN are in a horseshoe shape so only if you get a beachfront suite will you have a 'dead-on' view of the ocean. Otherwise they are partial views. If you look at the map on this site of CN, you can see what I'm talking about. All of the rooms are entered on the 'outside' of the horseshoe and the view is from the 'inside' of the horseshoe. The beachfront suites are in the end of the buildings closest to the beach and do have a window with a view of the ocean. The picture on the CN website with an outside picture of the beachfront suite is an excellent example of how the rooms are set-up with their ocean views.

    All resorts have scuba diving. We found the food at CTI to be lacking from the other resorts.
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    CSA all the way!!
    Randi & Sherri
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    1x CN

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    For those telling her to go to CSA--SHE CAN'T GET A RESERVATION--they are booked according to her post.

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