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    Default Info on the blue diamond?

    My wife and I will be visiting CSA for our third time this year. I have just recently read about the Caribbean blue diamond. I am looking for any information that people may have. Is there any place at CSA that would sell a ring with this type of diamond? What are your likes/dislikes about this type? How do they run price-wise? Are they worth the investment? Would it make for a nice surprise gift?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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    What a wonderful surprise for your wife! We have purchased several blue diamonds’ (earrings, rings, necklace and bracelet) in Jamaica. In Negril – there is jeweler that comes on the premises of both CN and CSA who we have purchased from (he also sells cigars). I fell in love with these diamonds as they were unique when we first started purchasing those years ago. They can vary in color from pale to deep blues. Pricing is dependent on the size and clarity as with any diamond but you can always work out a deal. Enjoy!
    Dorothy & James - Delaware

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    I also love the Blue Diamond. I purchased a ring last year at CSS. You want to look for a nice dark stone with good cut and clarity. A larger solid stone is a lot more expensive than a group of smaller stones. The jewelry stores in Ocho Rios had a large variety. I saw rings priced from $900 and up. I looked for Blue Diamond rings at home before going so I would know if I was getting a good deal and could not find any. If you think your wife would like this stone, take her in a jewelry store and say "Honey, I want you to pick out a Blue Diamond ring". There are so many different settings and designs that she may prefer selecting something herself.

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    My wife fell in love with the Blue Diamonds when we were in Jamaica a few years ago. Needless to say once we returned home she has purchased a "few".

    Her latest purchase was a .50 pair of blue diamond round earrings in white gold from for an AMAZING price of only $298.00.

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    LOL!! My first sentence looks totally stuck-up! We have not gone to CSA three time just this should had been phrased as this will be our third trip to CSA!! I wish we could go there three times a year...that would be HEAVEN!! Any more opinions on the blue diamonds would be still welcomed. Thank you JamesandDorothy & BruceandBrendaPA for your input!! 6 more months to go!

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