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    At CN, when you stay in the beachfront suites, it says on the website that they offer hors d' oeuvres in your room. Does anyone know how this works? Times? Do you have to reqeust the day before or same day?

    Thanks! I'm loving the idea of this!

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    I think they came anywhere between 5:30 & 6:30....most nights. It was a small plate and nice assortment (4 to 6) of bite sized desserts on some nights and other nights it was fancy hors d'oevres. Very different and very tasty. The desserts were our favorite because we would usually put them in the mini fridge for the late night snack on the balcony sipping the rum cream we would bring back to the room. Very decadent but wonderful!!!
    I was smiling as I reminisced and wrote this but just got very sad.... it will be 302 days until we do this again.
    Have a great time!! CN is great.

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    Info here...
    I think it is a day in advance jealous!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wileeandrr View Post
    ...I think it is a day in advance notice...
    The "day in advance notice" is for in suite DINING (as in your dinner in your room), there is no notice required for the daily hors d' oeuvres delivery.

    The timing of the delivery is inconsistent, in our experience, but has been generally between 5PM and 7PM.

    As rjammin wrote, they seem to vary between small appetizers and desserts. Very delicious, we were never disappointed.

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    There no notice needed. They automatically bring them each night.

    You will need to order a day in advance for the option of having dinner in your suite one night.
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    When you stay in a beachfront or garden suite hor d'oeuvres are supposed to be delivered to your room each evening. (You don't have to do anything). We did not get them every evening but when we did they
    were tasty.

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    We just got back from CN on Friday, so I can answer you......
    Yes, if you are in the Garden or Beach Front Suites, you get hours d'oeuvres delivered to your room each night somewhere around 6PM. We would have them with a drink before we went to dinner. You do not need to reserve them, it's automatic. The one night they delivered homemade chocolates.....yummy!!!

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    While we did not take advantage of the in-room dining while staying in our Beachfront Suite, we did enjoy the hors d' oeuvres served every night. They were usually served around 6:00 when we were getting ready for dinner.

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