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    Default December Weather

    Hello fellow COUPLES fans! We are heading to CN in mid December and am wondering what peoples experiences have been with average temperatures? I understand to expect rain now and then ( jn between the sunshine) but am wondering about average temps at night and during day!

    Any input would be appreciated!

    Happy Travels

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    Hi mkqupnorth,

    The groundskeeper at CN told us that December is usually a dry month. In 7 trips, we've almost always had glorious weather in December at CN. Sometimes a rain shower, but it's a warm rain, and doesn't last too long. Having said that, last December, we had horrible weather most of the time! We tried to be on the beach, but either it was just plain COLD or the wind blew sand in our faces! Watersports were scarce, and the cat cruise got cancelled a couple of times.

    So, I guess your guess is as good as mine. It didn't ruin our vacation, but we wished we'd have packed a light jacket.



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    The weather in Jamaica is rather boring. The average temps change very little throughout the year. December is a great time to go because hurricane season has ended and it rains less during the winter months. It will be warm during the days with temps around 90 or so. And pleasantly cool at night in the low 70ís. We have gone in November, December, January, and February. Had a hurricane pass by the island during our November trip but the rest of the months were fabulous?

    Have fun!

    Life is good

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    We've been to CSS the first week of December for the last three years. The first two years were great. The weather was 80's all day and only cool down slightly in the evening. Had a couple of light warm showers. However, last year, just like the southern US, the weather was a bit cooler. We actually also had one day where we were cold, and needed sweaters or shawls while out at night. (never did the other years). I think last year was a fluke, just as it was in the US. (I know, according to my sister El Paso had gotten snow last year). So, in my opinion, December is a great time to go. As a matter of fact we are booked for December 2011, and also have our December 2012 trip booked.

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    We have been to CN the last 4 Decembers, and TI in 2004. Generally December is delightful. Typically the temps range from 77 to 88, mostly sunny but a chance of showers. Did have a few cold days last year, when Miami was 30 and freezing, we were 70 .

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    We stayed in Ocho Rios in December. It was around high-70s to high-80s every day, but the ocean was consistently, pleasantly warm and the pools were "refreshing" once you got used to it. That being said, always pack a jacket and 1 pair of long pants in case the weather turns less pleasant.

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    We went one year in December to CN and had fabulous weather. I'd do it again.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    we go every december we always pack one long sleeve t-shirt for when the suns going down. Last year was unsually cool at night with the cold snap coming all the way down, Hardly rains at all if it does. didnt rain at all last dec
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