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    Default css flag service??

    i've read about red flag service on the they have this @ css?

    also, we were going to book the one bedroom beachfront there a tv in the bedroom? & how are the beds?? i would love to see any pictures someone might have & want to share

    did anyone take the shopping tour &/or margarittaville trip?

    has anyone been to css for x-mas? how was the weather & do they have anything special going on for x-mas??

    i just read on tripadvisor to stay away from this resort i'm kinda scared now & rethinking this.....has anyone had any issues big or small w/ this resort?

    thanks in advance for any info =]

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    Yes there is flag service at CSS.
    The shopping trip is nice to do one time. Last about 2 hours.
    As far as the Trip Advisor review goes, I don't know what resort he
    was at, but we have never had an experience like that in the 6 times
    we have been to CSS. That guy just better stay at work, because if
    he did not like Jamacia or CSS, he will complain anywhere he goes.I am
    a little suspicous of that review, he did not like ANYTHING about his
    trip. Most people find something they can complain about, but not
    everything. Have no fear about going to Jamaica or CSS, you will love
    it. Just read the other million reviews that loved it.
    "Once you know."
    Steve & Victoria

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    Don't worry, CSS is great. We stayed in the Beachfront rooms last year and have booked one for this December. The TV is between the sitting area and bedroom, but can be turned so you can watch it from the bed.

    We are not there at Christmas, but go the first week of December. The weather is usually great. It is sort of hard to debunk "Stay away from this resort" without the reasons why, but We love it. We would not go anywhere else. The food is great, service is superb (as are all the Couples resorts). The landscape is unbelieveable. There are so many beautiful places to see right on the resort.

    We did the shopping trip the first year we went. Also went the second year, but did not go last year (don't need anything else) The trip was fine. We don't do Margarittaville, not really our thing.

    Go, don't worry, you will have a great time.

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    That review had to have been bogus. I read it and was like WOW! We did a secret rendevous and went to css in march. Although not our first choice we had the time of our lives and plan on going back after we try out one of the negril resorts. Our one dissappointment was the shopping trip. Save your time and money and shop in the gift shop and at the airport and from the vendors that are on the beach. The selection and prices were all about the same but without the high pressure. Also the ship was a bit long and by the end we were itching to get back to css.
    We truely had a no worries vacation! Food was great as were the drinks and the service! Dunns river is a must do! I was unsure but so glad that we went for it! Just don't forget a waterproof camera! 2e also really enjoyed snorkeling! The sunken ship is an amazing sight! Don't forget a camera for that also, you can get a cheapo disposable one home or in the gift shop. We enjoyed the starlight gala also. Yes your room will have a tv. One of my personal favs was getting room service breakfast as a wake up call and then eating it on our verandah! Ahhh that was heavenly! And if it is in the budget splurge on a couples massage! We did and it was amazing! Rest assured you picked a great place to vaca and when you get there you will understand what a crock that review was

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    Scorpio...this will be our first Couples trip. On the previous four trips to Jamaica, we stayed at another resort. I felt the same apprehension about Couples. After reading reviews on Trip Advisor (the review you mentioned was the first negative review I have read) and other websites, I am confident the decision to try Couples this year was a good one. This message board also reassured me.
    I time for shopping in town is enough. We usually go to Margarittaville each time we come to Jamaica. We enjoy the drinks, food, and water slide.

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    Obviously the reviewer did not do their homework. I'm guessing his comments about the country are because it is poor. As you drive to the resort you will see lots of shacks. There are not beautiful incredible mansions along the way. Jamaica is a poor country. You will see lots of goats and dogs roaming around.

    As far as his complaints about the room, he obviously did not visit the Couples website as the pictures of the room are exactly what the room looks like. I have no idea what his complaint about the shower was about as the rooms are kept very clean. There might be a small bit of mold on the tiles, but you are in a humid climate and keeping mold away is difficult to say the least.

    The reviewer also didn't do much research when he was at the resort. There are lots of options for going off property. Dunn's River, Shopping, Margaritaville, Zip Lining, and the list goes on and on.

    I'm also guessing the reviewer did not do research on 5 star in another country vs 5 star in the US. All ratings are not created equal. He might have been looking for glitz and glam, with lots of marble and over the top decorations. You will not find that at any of the Couples resorts. The resorts are very reserved with a tropical feel, not the Taj Mahal.

    CSS is wonderful, you have made a great decision in staying there. The place 'oozes' with romance. We love it. No need to stress, that person obviously needs to stay in the States. I feel sorry for him as he must be a very unhappy person.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    This year will be our 4th trip to CSS. I have not been able to find any faults with the resort, NONE. The TV is on a swivel that allows you to view from the sitting room or bed room. We have never left the resort, why, there is everything you need/want on the property. The couples massage is a must!!!

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    I agree with everyone above, but I wanted to answer your Xmas question. We went the week before Xmas so I don't know about particulars for the special day, but they had beautful Christmas trees at every restaurant and in some of the bars, and the Palazzina played (softly) Jamaican-style covers of Christmas songs from Jingle Bells to All I Want for Christmas by Mariah Carey. It was subtle but very fun once I noticed.

    Also, I must have read every review of CSS on tripadvisor and it was the most nervous I have ever been before we showed up, but it was the best vacation that we ever took and I am saying that despite the fact the we endured some unusually horrible weather that was hurricane-like during more than half of our vacation! This was the first time that we ever wanted to visit the same place again for the next vacation.

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    thanks for all the info.....thru all your advice i'm going tomorrow to finalize my vacation @ css BUT...i think some peoples reviews have talked me into the 1 bedroom ocean suite sounds like the views & balconies are much better then the beachfront suite. so.......has anyone stayed in the 1 bedroom ocean suite? i was wondering if it had a seperate shower & jacuzzi bath tub like the beachfront suite
    again thanks so much i appreciate all the help! =]

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