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    Default Planning our CTI wedding ...looking for resort for single/young guests


    We had planned on going to CTI alone for our wedding but now think we should include our immediate family members. Is there a decent resort that is very close to CTI so that
    a) my 19 yr old daughter and friend can have a more party atmosphere than CTI can offer
    b) our parents are close by but we aren't spending every day of our weddingmoon with them

    I have looked at many adult only all inclusives that would work for all of us and our wedding but we really would prefer to return to CTI (alone)


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    I see only from looking at a map of hotels in Ocho Rios that you would pass a Gran Bahia Principe which I'm sure is not couples only so you might want to check into that. I cant tell you how far away it is though.
    Dont know if they will post this since I put the name of the hotel in the message.

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    Gran Bahia is in Runaway Bay, not Ocho Rios... It is over a 1/2 hr away...

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    I didn't think they'd allow posts with other resort names, but I guess in this case they are allowing it. Otherwise I was going to suggest you post this on the Tripadvisor forum.
    I don't think I really understand what you are looking for? You mention looking for adult only AI's that would work for all of you, but that your daughter and her friend would like a livelier atmosphere. Most adult only resorts are couples oriented. I believe the Breezes Runaway Bay is 16+ but not couples only. However, it's not realy very close. The RIU is all ages and in Ocho Rios and may well have kids around. I haven't been to either. Just throwing names out there.
    However, I don't think any resorts are very close to CTI (walking distance). Besides, it's not like you can spend the day on their resort or vice versa. You'd need resort passes, including for the wedding.
    CTI would work for your parents, except you don't want them there... too much.
    Honestly, having your family come out and stay at another resort and only see you the one day may not really be what they'll be happy about? ...unless they are most keen on having their own separate vacations?
    It just sounds like you need to seriously think about what it really is you want for your wedding.

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    okay thanks! I have never been there, just have looked at hotels in the area. That is why I hated to answer her and glad you chimed in and gave us the right info!

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    Do a check on of resorts in Ocho Rios. There a several. Keep in mind though that if you have guests come to the resort for your wedding, they need to pay a fee. I think it's $150 pp for a full day, $75 pp for half day.

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    You want to look into Chrisann's which is just to the west past a couple houses. Its not AI but its the closest.

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    Thanks everyone!! JamaicaMeCrazy - very good points! With all that in mind....Maybe the ideal compromise would be for everyone to stay at CTI but just for 5 days and we remain on for 5 more alone!

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    Sounds like a great plan LiiziD!!

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    AWESOME then everyone will be able to experince couples!!
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