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    Default Questions & Tips needed for booking

    My husband and I are interested in booking CSA in early September or Mid November. It is best to book hotel AND flight with Couples or to book them seperate. My questions are: Which way is best to get the better deal?
    Does anyone know of any good sites to book airfare?

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    I just book hotel thru couples then my own airfare...that being said always check around and even with a travel agent

    check for airfare

    Happy Searching!
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    Do research. Sometimes it is cheaper to book hotel and flight together and sometimes it isn't. You just need to do the research and discover which would be best for you. Don't mean to sound harsh, but the prices are different for different parts of the country, the days you fly, the time of year, the time of the flights. It all adds up and you just need to do the research and decide what is important to you in regards to times of flights, layovers, day to fly. There are lots of options.
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    It depends.. this is the first year we didnt book the resort and airfare together. We waited on the airfare hoping they would go down. They were higher than we have ever paid. It seems they have gone down a little so we will probably go ahead and book them.

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    I always purchase trip cancellation / interruption insurance...the kind that doesn't just give you a voucher to return at no charge, but the kind that actually refunds your money.

    If you book through the likes of FJ/Apple/etc. (like I do) and book the resort / air separately, you end up having to purchase the insurance twice to cover the entire vacation (once for the resort, another for the air).

    That said, I always try to book both resort and air at the same time. I may end up paying a few bucks extra, but I know I can cancel if needed and only lose the money I paid for the insurance.

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