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    Default First Time All Inclusive/Looking AT CN

    We are looking at book a 7 night stay at CN for our honeymoon in June 2012. WE both have never been to all inclusive but with the deal for 2012 we would get we are thinking why not. Does anyone have tips if and (when ) we book. Any advice would be great!

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    Book before June 30th, 2011..You will get the best rate plus a $300 resort credit> You can't go wrong! Congratulations on your wedding!!!

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    Just do it!!!

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    Thanks! Do we need to really worry alot about the hurricane season in June? Thats the one freak out I'm having about it haha .

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    FWIW, I've been to Jamaica several times...most often in mid to late June and early July. While this is touted to be the beginning of hurricane season, one very rarely happens that early in "hurricane season". Best advice I have involves purchasing "good" trip cancellation / interruption that covers adverse weather conditions such as hurricanes.

    Honestly, you have nothing to be freaked about. Just go -- you'll have a wonderful time.

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    Thank you! We booked the resort last night Just need to wait a bit longer for flights for 2012 We bought the travel insurance through couples.

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    There is no better place on earth for a honeymoon than Couples Negril.
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    Just book, we just got back from a week long stay. We had 3 rainy days but everyone still had fun. the rest of the trip it was sunshine and that was it. Some where thinking about booking another trip before they left.

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    Just do it. You will NEVER regret it. I have been to many nice places in my life and keep going back to Couples Negril. The first time we went to CN we were surprised to find out the amount of return visitors. After a VERY few days(one), we knew why. Now we are return visitors. Sans Souci once and CN twice so far Will be back to CN Jan. 8 2012. Actually, Do not go to Couples Negril! If you go, you will become another return visitor making it harder to book as the resort will be full leaving no room for us
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