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    Default Selecting a room at CN - need advice from CSS and CN perspectives

    We are finally stepping out of our comfort zone and experiencing CN for 4 days and then going back home to CSS to finish out our trip (4 more days). Wish it could be longer, or that I could commit to CN for the whole week, but I can't bear to go to Jamaica without CSS. Hopefully this trip will change that!

    I am having a little difficulty in picking a room at CN, though leaning towards a Garden Suite. I am hoping those of you who have stayed at both CSS and CN can give me the advice I am looking for.

    At CSS we love the 1 BR Oceanview Suites b/c we do spend enough time in our room, checking email, getting out of the sun, etc. and like to have the space it offers and the view from the balcony is amazing. Plus the bathrooms are very spacious and I will be honest, I take way more hair products with me than is necessary, but I don't expect that to change anytime soon!

    So the question I am posing is this: would I be disappointed with the deluxe rooms so it would be worthwhile to book a Garden Suite? The beachfront suites look amazing, but I am trying to be somewhat mindful of our budget...
    Part 2: follow-up from the CN map thread, are Garden Suite rooms located in both areas of the resort or concentrated in a few of the buildings?

    Thanks everyone in advance for your comments! I know CN will be very different from CSS and I am looking forward to both experiences!

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    Hi kiki23,

    If you feel that a larger room and bathroom are important, then definitely choose one of the suites at CN. We are CN loyalists, but usually only go for the cheapest garden rooms, since we don't spend much time in them.

    We split our stay between CN and CSS in December, and stayed in Building A Beachfront Suite. CSS suites are AWESOME in comparison to CN rooms. I'm afraid you'll be disappointed if you don't spring for the suite at CN.

    I don't know exactly which rooms are Garden Suites at CN, maybe someone else can chime in here. I do know that they're twice as large as a regular room, with a hammock on the patio for your enjoyment. They're located on the ends of buildings, so you get more light into your room. The bathrooms are very large, with double sinks and both a bathtub and stand alone shower (with an awesome rain shower head).

    Here's a link to my CN/CSS slideshow from December. It will give you some information about CN, though not the Garden suites specifically.

    You will like CN. It's much more compact, and the beach is amazing.


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    All of the suites at CN are exactly the same except for location and view. It sounds like the deluxe rooms would disappoint you. I think you have made the right decision with the Garden Suite.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kiki23 View Post
    Part 2: follow-up from the CN map thread, are Garden Suite rooms located in both areas of the resort or concentrated in a few of the buildings? ...
    There are 6 Garden Suite rooms; 1st, 2nd, 3rd floors at two locations. They are the end of block 8 closest to block 9, and the end of block 9 closest to block 8.

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    I agree with Wally that the regular rooms will probably disappoint. The suites have a couch in them that I think would come in handy or you if you do enjoy being in your room. Plus there is an entire counter in the bathroom just for hair/makeup stuff. I think you would also enjoy the hammock. If the budget can afford it, then go for the suite.
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    We are doing it the exact opposite from you. Can't imagine going to Jamaica and not going home to CN. We are spending 3 nights at CSS, stepping out of our comfort zone. Then heading home to CN for 7 nights. Was going to do an even split but I didn't want to loose the $500 credit that we have at CN.

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    HI kiki23,
    We have stayed in block B at CSS and although we liked our room we felt like the balcony was way too small. We have also stayed in a garden suite at CN (Bldg. 8 top floor) and loved everything about it! The room has a sitting area and the bathroom is huge and our view was great with a partial view of the water. This Dec. we are headed back to CSS but are staying in a one bedroom ocean view. Any suggestions as to what Bldg. To request if we have a choice.
    Go for the suite as I think you would be definitely disappointed in a regular room.

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    We just got back from our trip to CN on Friday. We stayed in a Garden Suite and absolutely loved it! It had plenty of space and wonderful views of the gardens and you could see the beach and water as well! We would take our afternoon breaks from the sun there. It was comfy and we enjoyed spending time in the room. We even had a private dinner in the room on the night of our anniversary (no extra cost). Hope this helps your decision.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Travelpatty View Post
    This Dec. we are headed back to CSS but are staying in a one bedroom ocean view. Any suggestions as to what Bldg. To request if we have a choice.
    We stayed in building E last year and I thought that the views were rather obscured with trees. I hear that building G has the best views for the one bedroom ocean view. Also the views in F block are supposed to be really nice too.
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    Thanks everybody! Your comments were very helpful and I am now confident that we have made the right choice. It was tough, but in the end, if we're on the island and staying at Couples everyting will be all right!

    Having stayed in G Block 1 BR ocean suites, they do have remarkable views! Less central than E Block, but they have huge balconies, fabulous bathrooms and nicely laid out suites. Picture was taken from our balcony G16 looking towards the main beach. I have others of the suite layout and will try to upload them to the Flickr group or you can email me kksnyder23 @ yahoo dot com

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    We were in G block last trip to CSS. It was lovely. Great view. We started in F, and although it was a "nice" view, it was directly over the balloon bar pool, and the evening entertainment was LOUD. We moved on day 2. Regarding the bathroom, though... it was VERY small and VERY cramped. No room for 2. I ended up moving my makeup and "stuff" out to the bedroom.
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