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    Default Why I really need my Oct. CSA fix this year.

    The first reason is we did not go last year and I really miss it. The biggest reason is on Memorial day here in the states our house caught fire due to really old wiring and the entire top floor of the house is a loss. The insurance guy even recommends the hubby and I still take the trip as with all the stress from the fire we really need to relax. Everyone got out safe even the pets. Oh and the last reason I need my Oct. CSA fix is I REALLY REALLY need it.

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    glad everyone got out SAFE thats the important part!! the insurance guy is RIGHT go back to CSA and enjoy yourselves much desered!!
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    Jennny.......YES you do need it and I am so sorry for all that you have went thru and for losing the top part of your house but glad to hear that your family and the dogs(which are family t00) are all safe!! I think you should just book it and enjoy escaping all the stress you guys have went thru!
    Good luck with everything!!

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    Thanks for the support everyone the trip was booked about a month before the fire.

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    Jennny -

    The fire sucks... everyone not hurt... fantastic!

    Hang in there... we were very fortunate to miss being hit by a tornado this year by less than half a mile. The folks who WERE affected are still dealing with the insurance companies and such... but things are slowly getting back to normal in our town, and they will for you, too!

    You don't mention when you'll be at SweptAway in October.... we'll be there Oct.15-23... hope to see you there!

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