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    Default N/A drinks at CSA/CN?

    1.Can you get smoothies and other non-alcoholic fruity drinks in the main complex or just at the sports bar across the street?
    CN & CSA
    2. What diet soft drinks do they stock? We like diet gingerale, diet pepsi, and diet orange. How about those?
    3. Do they stock bottled water in your room?

    Also, is it really true that your mini bar is not stocked until your second day? Water??

    We will be at both resorts in July.
    4.How are the sand fleas this year?

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    Only in the mornings at CN do they make smoothies.

    Diet Pepsi (but be prepared for it to taste differently, not like in the States)


    N/A drinks will already be stocked in your fridge. The alcohol will be stocked the next day after you have made your requests.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Not sure of the specific soft drinks at CN, but I believe they carry Pepsi products and I think there is Fanta orange. They also have a soft drink called Ting, which is very similar to Fresca. You can request about any type of beverage you want stocked in your room...bottled water, juice, beer, wine, liquor. There will be a card for you to fill out each day for requests. It's really quite nice. The mini-bar will be stocked with some essentials upon arrival, but you can customize it each day afterward with your card.

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    They have a juice bar next to Seagrapes. The make fruit Smoothies at the Palm and Patios for breakfastYUM!!
    They have diet Pepsi at the bars and in the minibars. They do stock bottled water in the minibars. Time minibar consists of water, Pepsi products, and ting if you request. All kinds of mixers like Clamato, every kind of juice you can think of, and Carib beer. You can request Red Stripe and maybe get lucky. There is a form to fill out when you get there and you request the alcohol or wine or anything else that you want. It really is great. Have fun.
    It also depends what the previous people left in the minifridge.

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    At CSA there is an eight sided rotary display of popular mixed drinks at all the bars. 2 sides of it are non-alcoholic concoctions, plus I'm sure all the bartenders could de-alcoholize any drink. We were just there with a pregnant relative and she wasn't hurting for things to drink.

    Sea-grapes has N/A smoothies as does the sports complex.

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    Thanks! Hope they have lots of diet soda and iced tea, too.

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    You may be slightly limited on a "real" smoothy throughout the day, however, we have gotten a great variety of frozen non-alcoholic drinks throughout the day on each of our trips. We have been to CSA, CSS, CN and we return to CSA this October. Whether your on the beach using redflag service or at one of the bar areas, they'll make any type of frozen drink you request. We also ask for suggestions at let them choose! If memory serves, I believe they carry pepsi products on the resorts. During our first trip we fell in love with Ting, and that is what we usually request to be stocked in the mini-bar; they can't fill it up completely, but if you ask nicely they'll usually leave you a couple of extras! They will also put bottled waters in the mini-bar as well. Sand fleas - first trip to CSA they were real bad in the evenings when the sun was going down; they didn't seem to bother us at CSS or CN. I think it depends on the type of weather they have been having before you get there, and what is going on while your there - either way - don't worry! You'll love CN and CSA - we enjoy them both so much we have decided to switch between the two each year from now on! Enjoy!

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