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    Default 350.00 spa credit

    This may have been posted before on the old MB but I can't remember. Question, can you use some of your spa credit to upgrade your free 30 minute couples massage (from romance rewards) to an hour? Anyone have the answer or tried this already, let me know. Thanks.
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    Use part of the credit to pay for a full hour, then go again later for the complimentary 30 min...


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    Yes, you should be able to do so. Spa charges are billed to your room. When you check out, you present your spa gift certificate (the resort credit), and the amount on the face of the certificate will be deducted from your spa balance.

    We're in the passionate love category in the Romance Rewards program, so we receive the $75 gift shop credit. We only pack carry-on luggage so always purchase things such as shampoo, conditioner, extra sunblock, etc., at the resort. We charge these items to our room and then "pay" for them with our gift certificate at checkout.

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    Yes you can!! We did in July! Enjoy!!!!!!

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    The way it worked at CTI in July.

    When you first use your SPA credit you give the slip that you will receive after you check in to the spa. They will apply it to your account and keep track of it. Do not wait tell you check out. They are two different company's. It will be a mess if you do.

    Gift shop is the same way, but you get a balance report when you check out. You may use your credit both shops, Gift and Logo.
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    Right on, thanks everybody. Gary & Noel in 24 days @ CN

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    I am confused. Pamela says to turn the gift certificate in when you check out, jon1963 says not to wait until check out.
    Which is it? Has anyone used the credit who can tell me what to do?

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    When we used spa and gift shop credits at CSS last Dec we turned them in to the spa when we made the appointments and to the gift shop at the time of purchase. We we told to do it that way.
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    I'd go with what Jon1963 says. His advice was based upon his actual experience; mine was based upon how the resort has dealt with the gift shop credit.

    You can double check when you book your spa treatment. Tell the person at the desk that you have the spa credit, and she can tell you if you're to bring the certificate with you.

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