I know I'm jumping the gun, since I have no idea how many people are even coming to the wedding yet, but I was just browsing various sites that have personalized beach-themed items for the OOT bags.

I want to hear where people have gotten their personalized items from. The sites I've been finding have minimum purchases of like 24 or 30 of the same item. I highly doubt we'll have more than 8 guests. I don't WANT to buy 30 personalized scented candles!

I was thinking straw beach bags with some non-personalized stuff like flipflops, bug spray, suntan lotion and a few magazines....possible a sarong for the ladies. However, I wanted to include a few personalized things like mints, candles, chocolates shaped like seashells, etc... Every site I've found so far has minimum purchases that are way too much though!