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    Default Welcome Bags? Itinerary?

    Can anyone give me some ideas for what to put in our welcome bag? So far I have the following ideas:

    Flip Flips
    Bottle Opener

    Any additional suggestions would be awesome and appreciated!

    I have also read that I am supposed to supply our guests with an itinerary of what we will be doing while we're there, however we don't have any solid plans and I don't think we will make any plans in advance. Has anyone came across any trouble with not having some sort of planned out weekend for their guests?

    Thanks in advance for your replies!!

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    maybe a water camara, little photo album, cute hat, sunglasses, cozie for drinks, flashlight, some OTC meds, mad libs. But sadly it can all add up quick and take up room in suitcase.

    I not suppling my guest with any itinerary other time of wedding and reseption to follow. The only thing we are going to try and do is be in lobby when our guest arrive and lunch that day with then. One of the things we love about our time in Jamaica is not haveing to plan.

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    My husband and I got married in October at Swept Away, and we put the following in our welcome bags: sunscreen, chap stick (2 per bag), bottle opener, bug spray, advil, tums, gum, candy, peanuts, first-aid kit, goggles, and personalized Do Not Disturb door hangers that I made online. The welcome bags were beach bags, so everyone took them to the beach as well! I did not include an itinerary. Everyone pretty much hung out together, but if they wanted to do anything on their own, they did it.

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    I pretty much put the same stuff in my welcome bags as pobski. I had made the men handkerchiefs with our name and date and gave pashmina's to the women. I also included a welcome post card that I had made on vista print, just thanking them for travelling all the way to jamaica to attend the wedding. I also included a schedule of the wedding day. A month before we travelled I did a brochure on some facts of Jamaica and a schedule of when we would be going to dinner for anyone that wanted to join us I also planned 2 dinners that I asked everyone to attend. I also sent luggage tags the same time as the brochure. With a destination wedding there are no set rules, you can make alot of work for yourself or just go with the flow, there is no right or wrong. Have a great wedding and enjoy your planning.

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    I just came up with this idea while reading the thread. Give your guests printed maps of the resort that have some highlighted areas of interest. For example, the designated "meeting spot" on the beach/by the pool, location of the wedding and reception, where you might generally hang out in the evenings, etc...

    On the back, you could have a list of all the people coming to the wedding, with an empty space next to each name. Once people arrive and are assigned a room, they can swap room numbers and have a place to write it all down. To top it off, give guests a fun pen to use.

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    Well, we only have one couple booked (his parents) and only 2 additional couples as "maybes". (I was pretty flexible with the rsvp date).

    This is what I'm thinking so far:
    31 gifts tote bag with CSA and the wedding date embroidered on it
    bug spray
    lip balm
    travel candle & matches
    small flash light
    key chain (or lanyard)....Are the room keys cards or keys???
    travel sized meds
    mini first aid kit
    note pad and pens
    luggage tags
    I will only do underwater cameras if the other couples show up (his parents won't use one)
    battery powered fans
    hand sanitizer
    shout wipes
    personalized aluminum water bottle

    Everything will be beach themed, where possible.

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