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    Default Question about beach service ...

    We are trying to go figure out which resort to go to for our honeymoon - Tower Isle looks like the best to me so far ... I was curious if any and which one of the resorts have waiters/waitresses on the beach serving drinks? Or is there a bar on the beach where you don't have to walk to far? Any help would be great - also any comments on Tower Isle would be great as well - Thanks in advance.

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    W ewent to Tower Island on out honeymoon and we loved it. The have a bar right next to the beach and they now have a swim-up bar near the pool. The bar at Tower isle is also a swim up bar.

    we went to tower isle on our honeymoon and loved it!

    we are going back in July - we can't wait!

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    When we have been to CTI, they have servers walking the beach, although it's not big, serving drinks and clearing glasses. One of the many things that are nice about CTI is that you are never far from a bar, er I mean the ability to get a drink. There are no flags, the servers have even served me in the main pool. Plus they have the swim up bar in ocean side. The main pool is beach side.

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    They have the green flag service on the beach and they also serve fruit kabobs and cold towels. There are 2 beach bars on swept away's world class beach. It can't be beat

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    CN has beach service for drinks. All you have to do is place your red flag in the sand and someone will be by to take your order. For me, I just walk the mere 100 feet or so to get a drink from the pool bar. PS: Ivy makes the best drinks around :-)

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    You will love whichever you choose! We were stuck between CTI and CSS and decided on CSS because all of the rooms have in room bars and room service. As this was our "weddingmoon", these things were important to us! CSS also has a beach bar and pool bar and sporadic blue flag service. The bar is so close it really doesn't matter! (We were married in October so CTI may have some of these added benefits, I haven't checked.) Enjoy!

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    CSA has the flag beach service as well. We LOVE that!! talk about being the ultimate bum...

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    As of 8/21 CTI will also be adding the mini bars in all of their rooms regardless of the category.

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