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    Default CSA June 4th - 11th Yet again, another wonderful stay in paradise...

    Yeah Mon. The week flew and we are now back in Wisconsin after a blissful week @ CSA. CSA with all her lovely staff embraced us with her usual grace and love. We were 'home' the second we stepped into the lobby and all was right once again with the world. The weather was HOT and quite humid with the first few days filled with rain. Things were quite soggy but didn't dampen our vacation one tiny bit. Mid week the breezes picked up and blew that weather north and the sun showed herself in all her glory. It even got hotter and people were vying for shade. While existing the water Monday afternoon we had the sincere pleasure to meet ETF (Lyn & Jan) from the message board. Thank you ETF and the powers that be who made this meeting happen. This was the start of a special week since we pretty much hung out w/Lyn & Jan the remainder of our holiday. We feel a friendship brewing and we shared a few tears and hugs while saying farewell yesterday. We also were able to meet Red in the Head w/her hubs - Dave and just before leaving, also met LP & Little Red (Larry & Wanda) from this message board. Our BFS was super, all dining very experiences good, the beach as always was fab. The real draw and gem of CSA is her awesome staff who we are lucky enough to call friends... Time to get back to reality e.g laundry (ugh). Just wanted to say again CSA rocks and we're planning & plotting (smile) a return home in December. Reaching out to or TA tomorrow in fact(happy dance). Love & Respect - all the time. The Randazzos

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    Sounds like you guys had a great trip and made some new friends which is always great!! Going back in December?? lucky you!!!

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    Hi Wendy--I'm happy to hear that you had another wonderful trip to CSA!!!

    How was the beach? When we were there, the first of March, it was still coming back from the tropical storm.

    Which BFS did you get? We have one booked for our March 2012 trip. Since we are not going in December we decided to splurge.

    We too love the staff at CSA--they are the BEST!!!
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    Awesome you had another wonderful trip! what dates you going in Dec...Well be there 11-19 dec
    Randi & Sherri
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    Greetings Soonerfans & Yazmon!

    Yes, we are indeed lucky!!!! And we had another awesome stay. God, we love CSA...

    Yaz, Isn't splurging fun! We enjoyed BFS 2234, 2nd floor, and it was lovely. The beach is indeed coming back. They removed the sunken boat while we were there and and it was amazing to see the effects of that removal in just a couple of days. Mother nature is 'doing her thing'.

    Good grief we miss our happy place! Razzl

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    Razzldazzlme, Yazmon and randi& guys are killing me!! We are not going to Couples until 12/02/12 for the first time and I want to go NOWWWWWW!!! I love reading all of your reviews and stories and keep them coming please cause its the only way this girl is going to survive the next 17 months......omg did I just say 17 months...............UGHHHHHHHHHH!!! LOL

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    Hi Soonerfans-- We first went to CSA in March of 2006. We currently have trip 11 booked for March 2012.

    We picked Couples and CSA completely by accident. We were looking to go to Cancun, but when the hurricane took out the beach in 2005 and we weren't sure how far along the rebuilding process would be, we started looking else where. We then checked out the Dominican Republic, but they were in the middle of a malaria outbreak. Then friends said "go to Jamaica--the water is safe and the place is beautiful". The rest is history.

    After the first two days at CSA I told my wife--I don't know how we will do it, but we are coming back every year. At the time I hadn't discovered the message board. Now I keep it up, on a 2nd computer, all day long. It helps you get through until the next trip.

    CSA is wonderful. We have 3 adult children and have done our time with kids vacations. It's now time to go to adult only resorts. The fact that couples doesn't allow singles is nice, too. There is nothing worse than going to grab a beer and come back to some 20 something hitting on your wife. The staff is wonderful. They remember your name from year to year. The vendors on the beach have become our friends, too. Usually we get to the resort late afternoon and by that evening the staff is saying that they heard we were back in town!! We bring a suitcase full of the mini Snickers bars and pass them out to the staff. So, if they don't know me by name they know that the "candy man" is back.

    CSA and Jamaica get in your blood. Once you go you won't be able to stop thinking about getting back. The message board helps ease the pain!!!
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    Oh you poor thing Soonerfans! Dec 2012. I feel your pain sweetheart. I drive the hubs crazy w/my count downs to paradise and like your monthly coundown better than counting the days(until we get to that one month mark! wink).
    Randi&sherri, I'm not sure about the December dates yet? More than likely early December vs. later though. Still evaluating flights & prices... Love - Razzl

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    well Yazmon.....trip # 11 booked???? OMGoshhhhhhh now that is what I'm talking about!!! I have been lucky enough to travel outside the US quite alot and have never went to Jamaica other then Montego Bay on a cruise just this last christmas nor have I ever stayed at a couples or adults only resort before. My fiance is determined that we will only stay at adults only resorts and I figure once I try it out, I will probably be convinced to do the same. You know I really havent figured out if we will be able to afford to go back to Couples once a year even though sure hoping we can and guessing if we do nothing else we could afford it but i'm the kind of girl that prefers 2 vacays a year instead of one! hahaha

    I found CN on a different website and we booked it for our wedding, then my fiance found CSA on another website so we ended up canceling the CN and booked CSA but we have arranged to spend some time at CN while we're there and really cant wait to see where our hearts go......cause I love everyone saying my heart is with this Couples______ resort!
    I cant wait to meet everyone and cant wait to go back and they remember our names and just cant wait for paradise and new friends!!

    So the candy man huh? love it and been thinking of something fun that we could take with us and I hope I come up with something good!
    Thanks for your comments and just cant wait to experience it all!!

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    and to you razzldazzlme.................I'm glad someone can feel my pain girl!! I have learned one thing and that is I wont ever book 20 months out from a trip ever again!! LOL

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