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    Do you need to make reservations at resort restaurants before you arrive, or is it safe to wait until you get there?

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    The rule is that you cannot make dining reservations until you are checked into your room after you arrive.
    So you will be safe to do it they way you ask

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    In regard to CN: Actually, you can only make reservations at the Otaheiti...other restaurants do not take reservations. And you can only make reservations at the Otaheiti a few days in advance. You do this through guest relations at the resort (not in advance of arrival). Enjoy your stay!

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    You cannot reserve a restaurant before you arrive. Some of the restauranmts need no reservations at all. You didn't say which resort you are going to, so that's about all the info I can give you.
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    As far as CSA - they only accept reservations for up to 3 days in advance. So if today is Wednesday, you can only make reservations for Wed, Th, or Fr.

    I wouldnt worry about this. We NEVER had problem getting reservation for day/time we wanted and the resort was 100% full.

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    If you want to make reservations for a private dinner, you can do that prior to arrival by e-maling the guest services of the resort you are booked.

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    We are going to CSS, and I am interested in the Cassanova. After reading all of the great replies it looks as if all Couples resorts must make you check into your room before being allowed to make dinner reservations. Does anyone have direct information about Cassanova at CSS?

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