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    Default CSA--Wedding 4th of July!!!

    First of all, I would like to congratulate ALL OF YOU getting married!!

    I have been reading all types of posts since we decided on CSA for our 4th of July Wedding.

    There are some great ideas on these posts.

    We have decided on Misha Earle for our photographer and since we have booked with her, she continues to put my mind at ease. She is soooo friendly!! And Responsive!!

    We will have 10 family member joining us for this occasion and are thrilled!!!

    Again congrats to the soon-to-be married couples!!

    Eric & Josey

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    Congratulations Eric & Josey on you wedding July 4th.

    I am so looking foward to metting you both. I'm Darlene and my man Carl and I are also getting married on July 4th at couples sans souci.

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