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    Default CN - some questions


    first of all sorry. We are from germany and my english isn't the best.

    We will be at Couples Negril from the 10.-17. of september. It is our Honymoon:-)

    we have booked a graden deluxe room at a german travel agency (tui)

    my questions:

    i have read that some buildings are newer than other one (renovation). which building is the best?

    is it useful an possible to write an email to couples to reserve a special room?

    it is our first time on jamaica. what can we do against mosquitos, especially at night.

    how expensive is jet ski

    thank you very much! we are very happy to meet some people from the message board at couples.

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    Your English is great! You may even meet someone from Germany there. All the buildings are great at CN. Everyone has his/her favorite building so don't be surprised if you get many different answers. CN is compact so you are never far away from anything on the resort. You will have a wonderful time!

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    We stayed in building 1 and loved it. Close to everything and each room still had a view of the ocean if you looked around the side.

    You can request a room/building with your travel agent but no promises. Just ask at check in and they will probably accomodate you.

    When we were there a jet ski was like $60 for 30 minutes. But most of the time you could talk them down to $40 or 50.

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    We just stayed in building 1 which is right next to the beach grill. I didn't think we'd like being so close to the grill, but it was actually a fantastic location. Close to everything - pretty much right in the middle of the resort. Building 6 is great but they were doing remodeling when we were there in July. If you want to be close to the A/N beach, go for Building 9.

    You won't go wrong with any building - you're at CN!

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    Building 6 has been rumored to be currently receiving some work.

    It will do no good to email with a room request unless you are changing room category. You can make your request once you arrive at the resort and IF it is available they might be able to honor your request. You won't find a bad room anywhere on the resort.

    I wouldn't worry to much about mosquitos. The resort is generally not bothered by mosquitos and there is a gentle trade wind that keeps the air moving.

    It they or sand fleas are of major concern bring some Skin So Soft which has the ability to repel them. Personally I drink more rum and if they dare to bite me first I bite them back. The rooms have AC and ceiling fans which do a great job at keeping them out of the room.

    If you need some picture drop me an email RDYJMJM@YAHOO.COM

    Welcome to the Couples Family.

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