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    Default Silly CTI Question

    When we are at the Island is it OK, appropriate and/or safe to go swimming from the Island in the Ocean? How deep is the water approximately or should I say does it get deep gradually or is it immediately like 15 ft?

    Has anyone done any type of snorkeling around the island while AN? For some reason I have always wanted to snorkel AN.



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    Yes you can go swimming by the dock. I think you can walk out to about your waist maybe more. You can snorkel around the island, but your not supposed to bring the resorts snorkeling equipment out there. You can bring your own and take it out with you, or use the resort equipment and swim out. Don't forge to have your SO put waterproof sunblock on your back. You will get burned in the water.

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    Thank you Don! We will be sure to lotion up before we hit the beach/water/island every morning.

    Snorkeling over to the island may be a kewl idea. I do have a nice dry bag for kayaking to haul all of our stuff over.....LOL

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