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    shandi Guest

    Default Couples Negril Bartendar Recieves Service Award!

    Congratulations to Franklyn Wallace, regional recepient of this years, Jamaica Tourism Service Excellence Awards!
    Dubbed the Oscars of tourism, the awards ceremony wined, dined and entertained the industry stars for their hard work with the same touch of high-class service that they have become accustomed to providing.

    The resort individual winners received a trophy, $75,000, two all-inclusive weekends for two and complimentary passes for two to local attractions as well as a flip ultra video camcorder.

    We asked Mr Wallace a few questions that might point to the secrets of his success.

    How long have you been bartending at CNG?
    “6 years, 4 months”

    What do you love best about your job/career here?
    “Serving the guests”

    Tell us what makes you an award winning bartender?
    “Friendliness and customer service skills. One love across the board.”

    Favorite on the job story?
    “I gave some guests a joke and other guests visited the resort and asked for me saying their friends who were here told them of me and could relate the joke I gave their friends. The joke was about a Rastafarian man who was on a bus and he fell asleep and a little boy trimmed his hair. When the man woke up he stopped the bus and got off but when he felt his head he realized his dread locks were gone so he told the driver that he let off the wrong man.”

    Do you have specialty drink you serve? How is it made?
    Vodka Passion made with:
    1 ounce of Vodka
    1 ounce of Peach Snaps
    1 dash of Lime Juice
    1 dash of clear simple syrup
    Topped off with Ting
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Congrats to real surprise though...he's one of the best....we've had the pleasure of being with Franklyn during our last 4 visits to CN.....his smile and laugh are contagious...can't wait to see him later this month!!

    The award could not have happened to a nicer person!!!!!

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    Congratulations Franklyn!

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    Congratulations, Franklyn.

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    Congatulations Franklyn!!
    We had a great time at the pool bar with him last April. Very quick with a drink. joke and a smile. He is very deserving of this award!

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    YaHoo for Franklyn, he really is the best. Can't wait to see him in another month.

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    WAHOOOOOOOO!!!! Congratulations Franklyn!! What an honor to beat out all of the other WONDERFUL staff not only at Couples but throughout Jamaica! That, my dear, is simply AWESOME!!

    Better keep that Flip Video Camera under Wraps..... I've been wanting one but hubby won't buy it for me..... Lucky YOU!!

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    Great guy....he really deserves it....hope to spend time with him in October
    Captain Jim
    "I will grow old....
    But I won't grow up"

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    Congratulations Franklyn - looking forward to congratulating you in person next February.


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    MAJOR CONGRATS Franklyn ..... SO VERY THRILLED for you. Can't wait to be back at CN in December & give you a big hug.

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    We will be ordering up one of your Vodka Passions as soon as we arrive in December!!!!


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    Default Awesome!

    Congrats go out to Franklyn!! You are truly an inspiration for others! See ya again soon! YA MON

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    Congrats Franklyn....You truly deseve this award..

    Hugs from Tommywommy and Peggyweggy of 10 0 c

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    Very well deserved!! A truly wonderful person!!

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    Congratulations buddy, Spike and I will see you August 8th!!!!

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    Congratulations to Franklyn and CN! Franklyn always has the greatest smile on his face. He truly is a wonderful ambassador for Couples and Jamaica.


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    Congrats to Franklin!

    Quick question, is the $75,000 in US or JMD? Just wondering since 75000 Jamaican Dollar = 884.96 US Dollar. Just curious.
    Jeff (Mandynjeff)

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    Admin - facebook/CouplesResortsJamaica

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    Congratulations. He makes good paradise passions too. He is always working hard, cracking the best jokes and makes us feel like family.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffmon View Post
    ...Quick question, is the $75,000 in US or JMD? ...
    I'm going with JMD. After reading the Observer/Gleaner articles on the awards, I say 75k USD would be way, way out of line with the other awards.

    How long have you been bartending at CNG?
    “6 years, 4 months”

    We first recall Franklyn from a trip in Mar '06 (Hi A&F!), but you could tell he was no newby to bartending - definitely knew what he was doing.
    Congrats to Mr W.!!

    But I also have a question. What is going on in the picture of Franklyn at the temporary beach grill bar above?
    It looks like he has a full bar set up on the tables with all the bottles (including the one on his head), the cooler, the blender, napkins, straws, etc. so it looks to be much more than some rum mixology event.

    We saw such a set up once years ago when they closed the pool bar (due to pool re-surfacing). Was something done to the beachgrill bar?

    Maybe he had a demonstration showing off his award winning bar skills??

    Was anyone there that can answer?

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    shandi Guest


    hi @rudi - Direct from Karen Lanigan CNG GM -
    "We were having a mixology competition between the new bartenders and Franklin was the invited senior bartender that showed them how it is to be done "

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    Quote Originally Posted by shandi View Post
    ..."We were having a mixology competition between the new bartenders and Franklin was the invited senior bartender that showed them how it is to be done "
    Thanks Shandi/Karen. Wish we had been there to see that!!

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    No surprise here. Franklyn is one of the many reasons we return to CN every year. See you in three weeks and can't wait to try the Vodka Passion. Congratulations Franklyn!

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    It's Jamaican.
    I remember back in 2009 when hubby & I were in CSA for our very first Couples trip.
    We saw the bartender there get the same type of award.
    We did not get to take a pic, but it was so cool to see!
    Congrats to the bartenders!
    Can't wait to try the Vodka Passion!

    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011
    CTI 2017 [50th birthday & 23rd anniversary], 2019 [25th anniversary]

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    I had a large group at CN just the other week and everybody loved Franklyn. Congrats

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    I'm sure this award comes as no surprise to anyone who has had the pleasure of knowing Franklyn over the years! Congratulations and best wishes to Franklyn!

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