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    do you make the request or is it stocked on arrival? how do you request? at the same time you sign up for dinner reservations? we want to make a couple of dinner reservations and a night snorkal one when we first get there. do we need to sign up for the day snorkel trips?

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    Some stuff is already in there. They give you a checklist to leave out to fill upon request.
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    When you request things they will be in your fridge and on your counter the next day so dont expect to get it and we put somethings on there that I guess they wouldnt do. BUT heard by grapevine somepeople put $$ down and ask for REDSTRIPE and get it. Hmmm. Just didnt want to ruin the no tipping thing so went to bar for that.

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    You start with some water, pepsi, diet pepsi and carib. You can request other things: Rum, Ting, Juices, etc. I would ask for extra Ting, since we didn't do Pepsi or Diet Pepsi, and they would try to accommodate the best they could in the limited space available.
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    On arrival we were stocked with soda, water, bottle of rum, bottle of vodka, caribe beer, and maybe Ting. These items will be restocked every day unless you cross them out of the form.

    The form also lists a ton of other stuff such as wine, juices, other bottles of liquor. Each day you leave the list markign how many you want and your fridge will be re-stocked. One day my husband was sick and spent a lot of the day in the room with the do not disturb sign on - so they didnt come. I just called the front desk late that afternoon and made a request. They delivered within minutes, then called later to make sure we had what we wanted.

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    I saw someone else mention that you can request a bottle of champage to your room, does anyone know if you can do that at CSA? We're going in 11 days....

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