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    Default How much money?!

    How much money do people take? I like to buy souvenirs alot, and we plan on doing all the shopping excursions. I was thinking 200, which converts into around $327 USD. I really like to make sure I have enough money to cover everything. Thanks for any help.
    Couples Tower Isle September 2011

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    We usually each take about $200 USD ea. We take a lot of small bills as it is difficult to get change. If we are going to have to use a $20, we try to make sure we buy $20 worth of stuff. You really don't need any cash except to buy souvenirs, spa services, excursions that aren't included and to eat at the airport. Tips are appreciated for drivers and baggage handlers, just as if you were at home.
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    You absolutely do not need any cash in the resort so it depends on whether you want to go out much. We tend not to, so our expenditure is really just presents to take home. Our resort credit is enough to buy a few tshirts for the kids and something nice for the sainted Grandma holding the fort back home.

    I think last Feb we took a couple of hundred quid in dollars and brought more than half of it home unspent at the end of the fortnight. I think we spent cash on tips for the 2 transfers, 4 taxi rides, a few beers out and then the rest of the cash spent was at the airport on the way home.

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    Our biggest cost is on the SPA which can get pricey. Other then that plan on tips at the airport, taxi's, bus driver to/from the resort and any off resort non-included trips.

    T-shirt prices on average for good quality are about $15.00. You can get cheapy -cheapy for $5-$8. Coffee is about $16-$20 per pound, carvings range anywhere from $15 on up depending on size/quality etc. You will also find a lot of beautiful paintings. I have one hanging in my office that we got for $50. that is about 30" x 20" of dolphins & tropical fish. We thought the price was terrific. It cost us more to have it stretched once we returned home ;-/

    Jewelry can range from anything between $10. - $100. depending on quality/material. Leather sandals can usually be gotten for $30-$50

    Hope this helps some.

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    Default've received some good advice. We usually bring $300-$400 in small bills. The small bills help when purchasing items from the vendors on the beach. Our first trip to Jamiaca we made the mistake of doing a currency exchange at the airport. Most businesses/vendors prefer American currency.

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    Thank you all so much for your advice. Will take it all into consideration Think my 200 will be plenty. So cant wait to go!! WOOOOO!!
    Couples Tower Isle September 2011

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