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    Default iPad apps to make cheap/free calls

    We will be leaving for our 5th trip to CN on July 9th. I have been looking for an app for my iPad so I can call my kids while we are gone. I've used skype on my laptop before but there is no app for skype on the iPad. Any suggestions - besides not calling at all - that is not an option for us! Thanks!

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    Hey if you have an Ipad2 and a mac at home use Facetime app. But it only works with Ipad2

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    If they have an iphone/ipad/ipod touch you can use facetime.

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    The Skype iPhone app works fine on the iPad2. It even uses the front camera for video calls.

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    Thanks everyone for your suggestions! The grandparents don't have i-anything (just Dell) so that's not an option.
    johnandbecky - I'm going to try your suggestion. Thanks! Hopefully it'll work for us....we'll see...

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    There is an app called iCall that we have used. Works pretty good and it is free.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    There is a yahoo messenger app too that would let you video chat for free.

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