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    Default Snorkel equipment at CSS?


    My FI and I will be going to CSS for our honeymoon in 9(!!!!!!) days and we had a couple questions -

    How much is is to rent snorkeling equipment for the day?
    Did anyone bring their own gear and did you like that/wish you had rented instead?

    I stalked all the packing/wished I had taken this threads and had a huge list to pick up at Target! So glad I was able to find all this great info!

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    no cost to use the resort snorkeling equipment! we used it with no problem, just be sure that you get your fins from the watersports hut before getting on the boat. the goggles/snorkels are on the boat already... some people did bring their own.

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    If I'm not mistaken, snorkeling and all the necessary equipment are additional charge (i.e. "all inclusive").

    I personally prefer to bring my own snorkeling gear (especially my mask -- one that I know fits my face well and doesn't leak as a result). My favorite place to shop for scuba / snorkeling gear is

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    Snorkeling gear is free to use from Couples,but if you have your own bring it with you. We bring our own except for the fins. The fins take up too much space in the luggage

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    If you are snorkeling as part of the included excursion, they have the equipment. If you want to snorkel on your own off the beach, you need your own.

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    Just to clarify, it's free to use but only during the snorkeling trip. You can't just ask for the gear and then keep it with you all day to use at your leisure on the beach or wherever.

    I bring my own but we spend a lot of time diving and snorkeling and the resort masks often have a little mildew in the seals (which I am VERY allergic to so it makes me miserable to use) plus they don't really fit my face well. I also prefer my own snorkel because it's a dry snorkel which is great when the water is a little rough. A lot of people who dive bring their own equipment but not so many who just snorkel.

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    They provide the snorkeling equipment at no cost if you are going out on the snorkeling boat. However, if you just want to snorkel off the beach, you will need to have your own equipment. If the water is not murky, there is some beautiful brain coral and a lot of fish that like to hang out near the cliffs.

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    they do have snorkel gear at the resort, but you can only use it when you go out on the boat. i brought my own gear so i could snorkel off the beach as well, and i actually saw more doing that than i did when i took the boat trip. snorkeling overy by the spa area and out to the edge of the cove i saw an eel, two good sized squid (i think), and a variety of fish.

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