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    Default The new boat for Tower Isle - FINALLY HERE!

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    Couples Resorts

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    Seriously?!? NO WAY!!! That is incredible!

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    OMG ! Is that for real????

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    This should make it a lot nicer getting to the island! Now can we get golf cart shuttle service from our room to SSB? Just a thought!
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    Wow!!! Can't wait to try it out in 6 weeks.

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    Beautiful! Is that just for the weddings or for transporting us back and forth?

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    Oh, love the dock also. Looks like less chance of someone (I won't mention names) falling into the water.

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    Very nice!

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    glass bottom?
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    oh my gosh!!! that is so AWESOME!!!!
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    Much better! Nice improvement!

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    That is one of the best additions I have seen. Getting onto and off of the boat has always been difficult. Outstanding. But then again, it's Couples. What else would you expect?
    Many thanks.

    Richie & Sylvia

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    WOW!! Love it!!

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    Nice! I may have to get naked and try the island next time just to try it out! LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamaicamecrazy View Post
    Nice! I may have to get naked and try the island next time just to try it out! LOL
    HA thanks for the morning laugh!!!

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    AMAZING!! It is no wonder Couples has such a loyal following. It is because of improvements like this. You care so much about your guests. Thank you. We will be there in 27 days to try it out!!!!

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    In the picture, the boat is at the right level, next to to the dock. But what about when the boat is at the other dock that is not level with the boat. Will we still have to climb down the ladder to get into the boat? Or are they going to be able to pick us up from the beach area?
    Inquiring minds want to know.


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    Hooray... Awesome!!!

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    The boat is awesome!!!! Although what made the ride over the best is Delean. He is just incredible. Miss him already!

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    Sweet!!! And I'll bet the number of red flag days for the island will greatly Decrease!!! .....looks great

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    YAY!! I'll be there 4 weeks from today!! yippee!!

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    Default Woo Hoo!

    What fun! One more reason to love CTI...can't wait to test it out next April! Thanks Couples

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    Just in time for our July 2nd wedding on Tower Isle! Can't wait! :-)

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    That ol boat was half the fun of the island! what an experiance that was! oh well, this new boat looks great! Great job Couples, once again you show why Tower Isle is home!

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    Default New Boat

    Well, we were there for the boat that barely made it and then were excited for the "new boat" last couple of years, so this one looks really "snazzy"! Hope we have the same great crew taking us back and forth...loved the company and conversation!

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