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    Default Please stop them from building a jetty on Seven Mile Beach

    "The primary attraction of Negril is the unbroken beach-line. Allowing the development of jetties or any other structures that protrude above the water will have a dramatically negative impact on this natural treasure. As well, any such structure may cause irreparable damage to a critical and fragile ecosystem. As President and CEO of The Reef Environmental and Economic Development Organization, I am very well acquainted with such projects and I am highly opposed to this jetty being built. And remember once one structure has been approved, others will follow. Vote NO to Sandals Negril Jetty.
    Malcolm (Mac) Tetley President and CEO, The Reef Environmental and Economic Development Organization"

    Please help us stop this craziness.

    A more holistic approach to the reefs that protect our beaches is needed. All experts agree!

    Sign the Petition!!!!
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    Janice and Keith in FL

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    link is bad. has been removed...
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    i signed!

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    As of 3:56 p.m. the trip advisor article has been removed.

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    The link you provided to trip advisor is broken and when entered correctly shows that the content has been removed. The link to the petition is working and I gladly signed it.

    Just an FYI.
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    I signed the petition, although the first link is not working.

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    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Link has been removed. ;(

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    However, was still able to sign the petition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eileen11 View Post
    However, was still able to sign the petition.

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    Thank you for passing this on to us so that we can support Couples in return for all they do for us!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beth View Post
    As of 3:56 p.m. the trip advisor article has been removed.
    True, but on a Jamaica-related forum, a person claiming to be the O.P. of the T.A. thread (Rastagirl777) has posted what is claimed to be similar information and also an explanation of why T.A. removed it (basically heated, nasty comments).

    There is much more information on the whole project there. But be forewarned it is apparently a lightly moderated forum and there is much passionate discussion about the jetty on both sides (as well as digressions on the decline of Negril, the evil of resorts in general, the bad intent of B. Stewart, the Jamaican government, etc.)

    Still, there is a link to the actual project proposal and, at times, coherent discussion on it.

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    I signed it.

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    was able to sign. let nature be and take her course

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    All done

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    I signed it...

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    Default CN impact as well

    In addition to the aesthetic and possible environmental impact along Long Bay of the proposed:
    • Extended jetty
    • 1 breakwater
    • 2 Biorock formations

    The sand reclamation in the proposal would come from "Sandals Bloody Bay property".
    Anyone who is fond of Bloody Bay (like us) knows there is no Sandals on Bloody Bay.
    Looking at the aerial of the soil sample spots in the proposal, the property ID'd as such is what most of us would call "The Office Of Nature" area.

    Doubtful the OON (and others) could function very well in that area when up to 9,000 cubic meters of sand is being excavated.
    Just one more reason to oppose it. (IMHO)
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    I signed it. I remember what the effect has been since that small jetty was built between Hedo and Point Village. The beach and water quality was harmed greatly. I'd hate to see that spread up and down 7 Mile beach any further.
    Those jetties in MoBay are one reason I don't enjoy the water there.
    The sand comes and goes on its own... Mother Nature will take care of it ... always has. The reefs need a different solution.

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    Done Deal!!!!!!!!!

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    done hoping everyone on the MB does this also!
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