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    Default Excursions at csa

    Looking for any recomendations for excursions at CSA?
    Wondering if the appleton rum tours is worth it and the price?


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    Mayfield falls is awesome and very close only abt 40 min from resort, hire a private driver and the cost to get in is on 15us at the falls. Then have the driver take you to the Sav-lamar for lunch then tour the west end and stop at the light house. the lighthouse keeper will give you a tour to the top and tell you the history just tip him a few bucks.
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    ^^ How did you hire a private driver ? Did you do it before hand ? And what did it cost ?

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    the appleton rum tour is worth it if you bundle it with the falls and black river tour. It lasts all day but the drive to appleton is so long it isn't worth it by itself. I don't remember the price. The best tour we thought was the atvs. It was awesome and a very short drive from the resort. We were very glad we did the appleton tour and the atvs

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    you can typically get a driver for the entire day around 80-100 bucks. we the same two everytime we are there for our of resort excursions. i just call them when we arrive on island
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    AnnArbor -

    The private driver can be arranged on-line, if you like. There are a few out there, and we have a favorite. You'll need to do a bit of research to find them, but many of them maintain an internet presence. Some are more responsive than others (at times the ISP's on the island are less reliable than ours).

    But yes... you CAN, and probably SHOULD establish a dialogue with one of them and book ahead of time.

    Good luck!

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