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    Default Is the water warm at CSS?

    I have been reading some posts in the AN forums how SSBeach , the water is cold because of the river running in to it. Is the water cold on the main beach as well? Will it still be cold in August?

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    We were there last year in August and the water on the main beach was "not cold, but refreshing" It was hot and it felt good to get into the water. As far as SSB, we weren't brave enough to venture over there during the day hours. Maybe next time?

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    The water at the main beach is warm and not affected by the White River. Even on Sunset Beach once you get past the rivers current you get into warm water there too. The water temp all depends on the weather.
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    The water is cool on SSB in front of the river. Once you get past the river the water warms.

    The water on the main beach is warm.
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    How cold is cold? I suppose it's all relative. I live in the Midwest, and I'll say that Lake Michigan in April is COLD.

    But seriously, I don't think it's so much that the water is uncomfortably cold at SSB (though it is noticeably colder the closer you get to the river), but it is a little surprising: You'll find cold spots that are a little unexpected. The river doesn't really affect the main beach: The colder water either doesn't make it around the little land point separating the two beaches or is sufficiently mingled with the rest of the seawater so as not to be noticeable.

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    We are here right now, temps are in the high 80's and the water is very nice, not cold or cool by any means...

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    we were at css last month and the water on the main beach was definitely cooler than it was on previous trips to csa & cn. i have no idea why. it also seemed to have cold and warm spots in it, and you could see them when snorkeling from the beach. that said, it was still comfortable.

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    Maybe it's because we are from Canada (you know, the land of "ice and snow"), and are used to "colder" temperatures, but we have been to SSB in January and April, and have found the temperature of the ocean to be just wonderful!! Is it cooler than the ocean at CSA or CN? Yes. Is it "cold"? Definitely not! When that sun is so hot, the cooler water feels great.

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    It is actually very refreshing! We like to hover around between where it mixes with the warmer water. We've experienced it twice, both times in Sept. and it's not cold as much as cooler IMO.

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    Thanks for your replys. KarenON , I am also from Canada and that is why I need warm water to swim in (sick of always being cold). I am use to lakes in Ontario, so I am sure the water will be warm enough for me.

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    grayturtless - We just checked your profile! You just live down the 401 from us - we live in Kingston! Sans Souci has stolen our hearts, for us, there is no better place to go! If you ever want any information or pictures about CSS, send us an e-mail to, and we'll send you lots!

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    Thank you Karen for the offer. We are going to CSS for 4 nights in August, then moving to CN for 7. We have been to Swept Away, but read all the comments about how Sans Souci is so romantic, so I just have to try it. My daughter is getting married this Sat. in Kelowna, so I am really looking forward to our holiday in August to just relax and unwind.

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