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    Default Weather lately....??

    It sure looks especially rainy lately on the weather it really cloudy and raining alot each day? We have gone 2 times in late June and the weather was great, with a little bit of rain.
    I am looking 11 days out to see what we can expect! Can't wait!

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    I just got back from CSA last week. It was intermittently rainy from Jun 2-5, but really picked up from the 6th to the 8th. The 9th was pretty clear, at least in MoBay. Even with all the rain, it usually stopped around dinner time. We had an hour or so of sun/light clouds minimum each morning, but the afternoons were all rainy. Didn't bother me as I got up early and got a hut, and the atrium hammocks + rain + minibar = vacation goodness, but for sun buffs it was probably very disappointing.

    The rain is warm, with a ziplock bag over my kindle I would have sat out in the open. But then again, I am very wierd

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    We just came home from JA (CSA). We arrived June 4th & stayed until the 11th. We arrived on the heels of a tropical depression and/or a stalled weather system over JA. Slight breeze, plenty of clouds, rain off & on and plenty of heat. Wednesday the breezes came along and broke things up. The sun came out in force and it got even hotter. Even though the weather was iffy @ best we had a marvelous time and are brown as nuts. You will tan even with heavy clouds... Many will tell you to forget about checking the weather and I agree w/them. Weather is always unpredictable and JA is in the middle of the sea. These things move through and the sun will show herself. No worries. Enjoy your holiday! Razz

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