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    Default Now I Understand . . .

    My husband and I just returned from our honeymoon at CSA yesterday. I have never in my life been so sad to get on a plane!!! All of you who have been there understand . . . it is an experience beyond words!!

    Everything was completely PERFECT. From the room to the beach to the crystal clear water to the staff, we could not have asked for more. I have never felt more like royalty in my life. I was so surprised that we never heard "no" when we asked a question . . . the answer was ALWAYS "no problem, mon." I can't get over how incredibly friendly everyone is.

    We ate at every restaurant, and the food was to die for. I am kind of a picky eater, and I loved EVERYTHING I ordered. They make the best drinks at all of the bars!

    I finally understand why so many people say they start saving for their next trip as soon as they return. My husband and I will be back without a doubt! Our trip was complete paradise. When I first started planning our trip, I thought we would go to an "S" resort, but that would have been such a mistake. Choosing CSA was the best decision I have made since our April wedding!!

    Thanks, Couples, for providing such an amazing, unforgettable time!

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    It's funny, I knew exactly what you were going to say, just from the title of your post...LOL.

    Once you go, you know.

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    I always cry on the good-bye bus on the way back to the airport. I keep my sunglasses on & try not to sob too loud . If it weren't for our 2 cat boys waiting at home for us, Hubby would have to drag me to that darned bus kicking, screaming, biting, & crying. He almost has to anyway.

    We've been to the 'S' resorts & had lots of fun but once we went to CSA ....... we were in love & hooked on Couples. The next year we tried CN & fell even more in love & have returned to CN 3 more times & were in CSS in May. We've never looked back once we found Couples. Be glad you didn't waste time & $'s like we did finding your paradise. You definitely made the right decision.

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    I too knew exactly what the post was going to say by the title. It is so amazing how you feel once you have visited CSA. You can't really describe it to someone who hasn't been. We are anxiously awaiting our third visit in February and can't imagine going anywhere else. People just don't seem to comprehend why we would want to return over and over, but I just tell them...once you go, you will know.
    Welcome to the group of CSA addicts.

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    Welcome to the Coupleholics Club,now try the other Couple's Resorts. But my opinion CSA is my favorite. Good choice.

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    When that Good Bye bus comes along we usually blame the sand getting into our eyes that causes them to tear up.

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    I am so, so glad that your trip was amazing!!! Welcome to the Couples family of "When can I get back!!!"

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    We know the feeling. Had our first trip to CSA this June. Cant bring myself to look at other holidays now as I will always compare it to CSA. Thats why yesterday we booked to go back in April Woooohhhhooooooooooooooo. Flying from UK is not cheap for 2weeks and its gone up quite a bit from this year but where theres a will theres a way to get the money together. Wont be easy without a TV, new clothes, we will miss the dogs and I guess our daughter will get used to working on a Turkish hill farm, its only for 6 years. But as a result of our efforts we are going home to Couples next April.


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    I knew what you were going to say by the title of your post too. Like you said, until you go and experience it you really don't know. I get so sad when we have to get on that good bye bus too. Glad you enjoyed CSA (we love it!) and hope you'll be back very soon!

    Kevin & Angie

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    Just remember what they say...."You must leave, to be able to come back home again...."

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    Your post brought tears to my eyes...again ! The "going home" bus ride is bad enough... when we left last December a young man who is a Couples employee rode our bus to a small town about half way between Negril and Montego Bay.When the bus driver stopped to let him off he hesitated in the doorway,turned to the 6 of us on the bus and thanked us for visiting CSA and Jamaica and then he went on to say he knew that the economy back in the US was "having difficulties" and his prayer for us would be that someday we would be able to return to paradise. He had read our minds on the bus that day! His sincere wish was so touching he truly knew how we felt. Couples employees are something special! Needless to say we are scheduled to return in less than 100 days!

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