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    Default Jamaica Literature

    I have a really long layover in Atlanta on the way to CN on July 7th and I anticipate some reading on the beach. I'd love to read some fiction set in Jamaica or some interesting non-fiction on Jamaican history/culture/etc. Any recommendations? Does anyone have The Rough Guide to Jamaica? Is it worth it if you are going to an AI resort? I'm looking at these books:

    The Harder They Come - Michael Thelwell
    It Begins with Tears - Opal Palmer Adisa
    Abeng - Michelle Cliff
    Jamaica Me Dead - Bob Morris
    The Book of Jamaica - Russell Banks

    Any thoughts on these books? Others?


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    Check out the CN page. There is a romance novel that is set at CN and one at CTI. It is personalized with you being the lead character in the book.

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    Default Jamiaca Literature

    "Banana Shout" - Mark Conklin
    Set in Negril in 1960's or 70's. Great Book!

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    Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys. It's set in 1830's Jamaica and is the story of Antoinette Mason, the first Mrs. Rochester from Jane Eyre.

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    The Pirate's Daughter - Margaret Cezair-Thompson
    The True History of Paradise - Margaret Cezair-Thompson

    Both are set in Jamaica and the author is Jamaican.
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    A good read on the plane would be "Mr. Jamaica" the biograqhy of Abe Issa, visionary and founder of what we know today as Couples. It is written by one of his daughters, Suzan. Lots of history and pictures and insight from a unique perspective.


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    Default Thank you!

    Thanks folks! Those books look perfect. I placed an order with Amazon, so I should be reading in no time.

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    Another good book is "Walk Good" (Travels to Negril, Jamaica) by Roland Reimer. Enjoy your trip!
    Have a Happy Day!

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