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    Default sounds of Jamaica...

    Got a new phone and I want to gets some sounds of Jamaica for alert and ring about the frogs? waves? music?
    Where can we find this?
    Or maybe I need to figure out how to record some in 11 days when I am at CTI!!!????!!!

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    We recorded sounds as voice memos on my phone at CTI back in March. They can be assigned as ringtone/alerts! Hope this helps-changing out our sounds in less than 50 weeks (like the double digit sound...)

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    Ooooh the frogs ..... I LOVE the frogs!!!!

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    Default Tree frog audio...


    Here is a link to a you tube video that you can download the audio from. I'm not sure how to get it to your phone but I bet you can.


    Later......... Joe D.

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    Thanks greenbean and Joe! I will be ready with my voice memo to record music, frogs and waves! Thanks Joe, will check that out! 9 days!!!

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    I have Cd's I made of the Tree frogs and Waves if you are interested. Proceeds go to the Issa Trust Fund. Drop me an email and I will hook you up with 48 minutes of waves from Jamaica and 75 minutes of the tree frogs serenading in the night.

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