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    Default Do they serve American Beers

    My husband is a beer drinker, and likes american beers over others do they serve American beers, and is there an extra cost for them? Also is there an extra charge for seafood someone had told a friend that seafood is an extra charge? We always go on crusies and looking for something different.

    Thanks For any help

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    I think Miller Lite is the only American beer you will find at any of the resorts.
    Seafood an extra charge???
    No way. Couples is all-inclusive and there is no extra charge for anything other than spa services, photographs, some wines, gift shop, certain excursions etc. All food, all day, is included.

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    I don't recall any american beers at CSA. The defaults are Red Stripe, Red Stripe Lite, Carib and at CSA at least some bottled Guinness. I find Red Stripe holds up very well with american style lagers (in fact, I prefer RS over all mass marketed american beers) so unless your husband is extremely particular he should be GTG. I bet if he gets a frosty mug with RS in it instead of Bud, Miller, Coors, or whatever he wouldn't complain (I'd hope he would notice the IMHO greatly improved flaver though

    At any rate, at most of the resorts he can easily travel to a local off resort store and buy the american beers they may carry. I've seen Bud in Jamaica.

    No charge for seafood that I've ever seen. Couples will challenge you culinarily like no cruise ever could. I've been on three cruises and not seen anything that wasn't surpassed by Couples. Well, aside from reindeer chili in Alaska, oh my was that stuff good! But, for example, at CSA they have French covered with Feathers (which probably most closely resemples typical cruise fare) but hit asian with Lemongrass and Caribbean with Patois. About the only thing cruises beat Couples in is dessert, IMHO, they don't have a lot of death by chocolate style dishes (though there are some).

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    We were at CSA in May. They had Miller Lite, Red Stripe, and Red Stripe light. Also, they
    put Caribe beer in your room fridge. No extra charge for seafood, the food was excellent!

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    They have Miller Lite, but keep in mind, even Miller Lite is not brought over from the states. There is no extra charge for seafood. Eat as much and as often as you like. Keep in mind Lobster is out of season from April 1 through June 30, but you can still get various fish and shrimp.

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    Only extra charge is for wine by the bottle from the special wine list if you wish to order it. Seafood is all included. I'm afraid he'll have to enjoy Red Stripe though. It's Jamaica mon.

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    Miller lite was drank by most from our party the other week at CN. The Piano Bar at CN had some other beers as well you can get in the states.

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    At CSS they had Miller Lite in cans sometimes at the bars. You could buy cans of Bud Light at the gift shop for $3/can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by messybaker View Post
    We always go on crusies and looking for something different.

    Thanks For any help
    I for one, believe that you are in for a pleasant surprise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spiff542 View Post
    I for one, believe that you are in for a pleasant surprise.
    I will second Spiffs motion. We went on an 8 day cruise, then the following year tried the All Inclusive, Adults Only Resort idea.

    No comparison, we may never cruise again, unless they bring the A/I option to a cruise to Alaska. You will love your trip, I usually only drink Corona, Bud Light or Guinness but the Red Stripe is sure to please. ENJOY

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    True Story: My wife doesn't drink much beer outside of stuff made from our fine Boulevard Brewing Company here in Kansas City MO.

    But once we got to was all about the Carib! She loves the stuff and especially mixed with Clamato that is provided as a mixer. We just got back from vacation on the east coast and had to bring back the remnants of a 12 pack as they are NOT going to waste.

    I found Red Strip on par or better than any national mass produced brand here in the states. As I recall I want to say Red Stripe lite was a little sweeter than regular Red Stripe. The only other brand I saw at CSA was Miller Lite in cans.

    As far as seafood goes...we had some seafood in one type or another each day and please take advantage of it. There's no extra charge....(Lobster night is wonderful) and the fish tacos are awesome!

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