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    Default couples massage at css

    We are thinking about doing couples massage and would like to know the best place to hve it done??
    They have a massage hut on sunset beach and I would like to know is the massage done in the nude?? We have had couples massage before, but nude would be a new experience!!
    They also have the massage hut way up overlooking the water and it looks like the view would be great?? It looks very private!!! I did read that the Hibiscus Cottage has massage room in it, would this be the best place ??

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    We like the one on the cliff. The sound of the ocean during the massage is great. My husband had never had one until 2 years ago when we had our first "couples" massage that came with Romance rewards at that time. Now, we are more than willing to take some of our credits for another one. He loved it.

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    We spend most of our time at Sunset Beach while at CSS, but when we go for our couples massage, we always go for the massage huts up in the cliffs. The stone Hideaway is the best one. Beautiful views, and the wonderful sound of the waves coming up on shore below you. I've never seen the one being used on SSB, it's not very private at all, and I think you have to pay a bit extra to have your massages there, probably because it's so far away from the spa.

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    We had two done in the huts along the shore line on the hill and they were unbelieveable. We thought about doing the massage on SSB but there were a lot of restrictions on the type of massage and it was a little more expensive. Of course all of the massages are done in the nude if you choose but you are covered and I would assume they would still cover you at SSB. The setting for the huts is fantastic and don't know how you could ask for more.

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    I believe the Hibiscus cottage is only available for the lucky couple who have it reserved.

    In addition to the fantastic massage huts (my favorite is the one pictured on the main couples flash entry page), you can also ask for Drift Away, which is under the spa at ocean level near the base of the waterfall. It is a little less private than the huts, but fabulous ocean sounds all around you.

    You can take a quiet walk up or down the steps from the salon all the way to the mineral pool and see each of the locations. In the evenings or early, early mornings, treatments are not going on so you can peep at the views in addition to enjoying a walk through a rain forest! I loved walking up this path from the gym back to our 1 BR Ocean suite in G Block.

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    We love the cliffs - Hideaway and Tuckedaway are our favorites. You can only use the massage room in the Hibiscus Cottage if you are staying in the cottage. Had a massage there last year and prefer the cliffs.


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    Me and the hubby splurged on our first massage at css. We went for the full hour and would do it again in a minute. We didn't request anywhere special and were very excited when we were lead to the stone cottage thingy that they show on the css pics. We opted to be naked and they masseuses were very discreet, only uncovering what they were working on. After all the stairs the calf muscles loved the message! We were surrounded by ocean and could hear the waves lapping the rocks and nothing else. It was honestly amazing!!!

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    We had a massage at SSB last Nov. It was great. The price was the same as in the other huts (which we had 4 there also during the 10 days). We also get the swedish massages so it worked out great for us (they also will do the stress relief on SSB). It was actually kinda nice to just walk over from our chairs and get the massage done and then go back to our chairs, so whatever you want.

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    The one pictured on the flash entry site (Is it the Hideaway? I get all the names confused) is amazing, but be aware that people who have booked the longer (more expensive) services like the day-long or half-day-long packages are given preference for that. So by all means request it, but they likely won't be able to guarantee it. In all our treatments (probably 20+ over the past four or five years - early booking spa credits for the win), I'd say about half were at the Hideaway. But they were all fantastic, so don't be disappointed if you get one of the other huts.

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